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Friday, February 29, 2008

Forsberg to Skate with Sakic

A recent TSN article indicates that coach Q has approached Joe Sakic and Peter Forsberg about skating on a line together once Forsberg returns. As TSN notes, I'm sure that was a tough sell! Those two are as familiar with each other as I am with my 5 year old computer and I'm sure the nostalgia factor alone will put them together for a couple games. Hopefully they get enough time to adjust to each other before being broken up for not producing.

It also notes something rather odd. Adam Foote is on record as saying his trade was a shock to him. He thought he was being called to Doug McLean's office to sign his name to a new contract only to be told that he was traded.

The odd part is that Adam Foote has a no trade clause and was widely speculated to have told McLean directly that he would only accept a trade if it was to Colorado. So why did this catch Foote off guard?

I'm sure being traded is always a bit of a shock but it's hard to see in this case. Most of the back and forth was surely with Foote's agent and McLean but it still had to be Foote himself who gave the final ok.

I suppose the wording of the TSN article might be a bit misleading in that Foote was called to McLean's office to ask for the ok on the trade, rather than being told the trade was done.

Maybe I'm just being a stickler for wording.


Jay Veaner said...

Q- "Hey Peter, I have an idea man, wanna skate with Joe Sakic? I think you guys might be alright together."

Peter- "Ummmmm, I don't know, is he any good? What number is he? I'll watch him during the Kings game and get back to you."

Jed said...

Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg announced following this morning's skate that he is ready to play and will make his 2007-08 season debut tonight against the Vancouver Canucks at Pepsi Center.

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks Jed. I was in the midst of putting up a post as you posted this comment :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog Shane, keep up the good work. One thing, wasn't Doug McLean replaced by Scott Howson?

Cheers from Halifax

Anonymous said...

Um... MacLean's been gone since this summer.

It's Scott Howson now.

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