Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crawford Ordered Moore Attack?

It's something that was rumoured to be true as soon as the incident happened but nobody could come out and say it. However CBC's The National is now reporting that Marc Crawford may have ordered Steve Moore to "pay the price" in that infamous game. This is according to recent court documents so it would appear to be a reputable source.

It's not hard to believe either as Crawford is known for flying off the handle and yelling obscenities for days at a time. If you can't picture Crawford in that dressing room, down 6-2, telling his team that Moore needs to pay, then you mustn't watch Marc Crawford's coaching style all that much.

The shit is starting to hit the fan in this slow-running case as Brian Burke is also in the rumour mill as giving the thumbs up on teaching Moore a lesson. And he most certainly didn't condemn the act once it had happened. Oh, and where does Todd Bertuzzi play now? Brian Burke's Anaheim Ducks. Geez Brian, I thought you were a bit smarter than that. At least that's what TSN would have me believe.

Ah, revenge. Ain't it great?

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