Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post-game vs Columbus - Feb 27, 2007

It was nearly a perfect game for Peter Budaj. The Avs up 3-0 with 2 minutes left to play. Then Rick Nash decided to make a game of it. He made a nice tip to get one on the board then followed that up 1 1/2 minutes later as he buried a puck that squirted right onto his stick. 30 seconds, and one crossbar, later and the Avs pick up the 3-2 win over the Jackets. Now if they can do this about 15 more times...they might be able to make the playoffs.

Today was, fingers crossed, my last crazy work day so hopefully I can go back to actually paying attention to games. As it stands, I had nothing but radio on in the background and I barely paid attention to that! I did pay enough attention to notice one thing...Milan Hejduk can still produce without Brad May on his line. So it turns out that Hejduks' re-emergence was coincidental with Brad May coming back to the lineup. Who knew.

Wolski rejoined Sakic and Brunette on the top line and Brad Richardson moved to the 2nd line which was fairly expected. The second line ended up being a collective +3 with Hejduk picking up 2 assists and Stastny grabbing one so it seems an effective combination so far. And in another small shuffle, Svatos bumped himself onto the 3rd line with Mclean and Arnason. As to how effective that line was, I'm not sure so I won't comment. It's good to see Svatos earn himself some more ice-time though.

The Good
- 2 points
- near shutout

The Bad
- losing the shutout bid in the last 2 minutes

The Ugly
- forgetting that there was even a game today!

Pre-game vs Columbus - Feb 27, 2007

This is going to be my worst pre-game ever so let's get it over with. The Avalanche are hosting the Blue Jackets tonight in their first game since the trade deadline. One player missing from the lineup will be Brad May. He was sent off to Anaheim to join the rough and tumble Ducks this afternoon. So that leaves a slot open on the 2nd line which should be filled by either Richardson or Wolski. Not that May was spending a lot of time on that line anyways.

Karlis Skrastins will sit out again tonight, and for the next few games, with his knee injury. So the Avalanche have recalled Kyle Cumiskey for another stint. Finger and Cumiskey. And Vaananen and Sauer. This has the makings of a scary game. I feel bad for whoever is in net.

As to who that is, I have no idea. I'll go on a limb (a fairly sturdy one mind you) and say Budaj gets the start tonight. He hasn't played great but neither has Theodore. It's frustrating to cheer for a team when you're used to the best goaltender in the league. To go from that to mediocre goaltending hurts. Maybe Michael Wall will help shore that up in a couple years. Though I doubt it.