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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clark Out for Remainder of Season

Adrian Dater reports that Brett Clark underwent surgery to repair his dislocated shoulder and is done for the season. With the acquisitions of Foote and Salei, this hurts much, much less than it would have a month ago. And you have to assume FG knew this was coming and that's why he shored up the D with two new bodies.

But honestly, what did the Avs say to the hockey gods this year? Or maybe the team stopped believing in them after missing the playoffs last year and that pissed them off? Oh those hockey gods are vindictive!


Jay Veaner said...

I thought the same hockey god thing last night when Foote took that slapper off his elbow. Glad he was able to come back, it still didn't look like he was super comfortable though. He is definitely a warrior. I also think, with Clark being out, we appreciate what he does and how he does it even more. Hopefully he can make a full recovery and come back strong next season. We need him for sure.

Mike at MHH said...

Here's a question: If Forsberg can contribute right away, why not roll 7 D once Da Finga is back in the lineup? Liles-Finger-Salei, Sauer-Foote, Hannan-Leopold or something like that. Keep Salei and Liles fresh for the PP. Then the forwards are something like

Arny/Wolski-Svats-Forsberg (since he said he'd be happy on the wing).

The bonus is, if Foppa can get some chemistry with Wolski and Svats, then Arny can watch in the press-box.

Shane Giroux said...

Yep, Clark has, at times, been under appreciated by the fans. I think once he signed his contract extension a bit too much was expected of him. All of a sudden people thought he should be playing like Scott Niedermeyer and never make a mistake.

Mike, that's not a bad idea. I mean, Parker plays 1 minute a game anyways so it's near pointless to have him there. Of course it means Hlinka stays scratched but he's not getting the time or teammates that he needs anyways.

Liles has been playing quite well these last couples games though so I'd like him to continue getting 20+ minutes a game.

But I doubt Q would roll 7 D in the end and it's most likely that Finger will be the odd man out.

And Arny in the press box? Sign me up! Ok, he's been half decent these last few games actually. Apparently someone explained to him what "backcheck" meant.