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Monday, January 18, 2010

Colorado @ Edmonton - The "Not Watching" Edition

Colorado plays host to Edmonton tonight and I won't be watching. Why? Because I refuse to pay $15.95+fees and taxes to watch a single game on PPV.

I know there are online feeds but after watching 99% of my sports in HD, I can't handle a 320x240 window of pixelated hockey.

To whoever decided that putting games on PPV was a good idea: screw you and the horse you rode in on.


Devon Rathie Wright said...

To be honest, I never understood it either. The matchup isn't classic. It won't determine the outcome of the season. I can watch this matchup on SportsnetW (with their "awesome" commentators) later in the season.

R.Boulding said...

Thats what happens to us in the States when the game is on Versus and we have DirecTV... seriously though, and online stream can be a savior.

cheap nhl tickets said...

Well same here i also can't afford to watch this game:)

Reuben said...

I listen to PPV games on the radio, it's actually a lot of fun, the play by play guys make it so exciting and I get way more dishes done!

Shane Giroux said...

Good point, Reuben. I used to listen to almost every game via online radio before Shaw got Center Ice here. Damnit, I've been jaded! ;)

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