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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Speaking of Unbeatable Records

One of the common bar room discussions is focused around unbeatable sports records. Gretzky's points total, Cal Ripken's consecutive game streak, Martin Brodeur's shutout total (yeah, I said it). It's been hashed, re-hashed, then hashed again and has likely been the cause of a few fights. Good times.

Tonight I was reading the 2010 World Junior media guide - because I didn't have time to read it until now - and spotted a few records that should be in people's repertoire during any future discussions:

Most Points, Career - 42
Most Points, One Tournament - 31
Most Assists, Career - 32
Most Assists, One Tournament -24
Most Points, One Game - 10

Any guesses as to who this prolific junior phenom might be? If you said Bjorn Christen...you'd be wrong. In fact, it was our very own Peter "Foppa" Forsberg.

Over the course of 14 games in two tournaments, he put up an amazing 42 points including 32 assists. The majority of those points came in the '93 tournament when he put up 31 points in seven games including a 10-point night against Japan.

In case you don't feel like doing the math, that's an average of over four points per game. Even Jordan "F'n" Eberle only put up 26 points in the 12 games he's played. That's barely two points per game. Peter Forsberg laughs at that kind of scoring pace.

No matter what Red Wings fans might say, the hockey world is worse off for not having Peter Forsberg at full capacity for the last decade.

I've got one more world junior thought on my mind before my focus (probably) will shift back to the Avalanche. I might get it out today. Or maybe tomorrow. But it will definitely be before the end of the decade. Probably.

And I still heart Jordan Eberle.


horbayj said...

i heart Jordan F'in Eberle too, but it makes me cry when i think about how the oilers will throw him on their top line and basically ruin him a'la hemsky, cogliano, gagner...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I might see Forsberg in Vancouver this February.. He rules..!!!

Anonymous said...

Forsberg is my favorite player in hokey. Started watching him in 1999 season. Like they say, he could deke you in a phone booth. And he hit you all the time. Better skater than Ovi (love watching him)and reminding me of Datsyuk (not a bad thing), this February I'll see him live for the first time. Hope he's 100%. Too bad the ankles..

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