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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Avalanche Brass Make Right Choice Naming Foote Captain

A couple days ago, I posted this. Geo then tried to asplode my head in the comments and I responded by saying I thought that Paul Stastny would be named the captain.

That wasn't because I wanted Stastny to be the captain. It was simply because so many other NHL teams have recently put the C on players who have barely hit puberty, let alone figured out how to captain an NHL team.

The Avalanche decided to go a new/old route and named aging vet, Adam Foote, captain of the 2009/10 Colorado Avalanche. And it's 100% the correct choice.

We all know Foote can lead. We've seen it in the glory days many times and to stand out as a leader on stacked squads is quite a feat. If you were to go into battle, can you honestly tell me you wouldn't want Foote beside you?

We've seen little of what Stastny can do as far as leadership in his short time in the league and have no idea if a better leader will emerge in the near future.

There's no point putting the weight of a rebuilding team on a young players shoulders. Let a vet handle the load, ultimately passing off a lighter one to an older and wiser young star.

And naming a captain before training camp started? Aces all around.

It's a good start to the season from Avalanche brass. Let's hope they keep it up.

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