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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is that really your first question?

Sean Leahy over at P Diddy, I mean Puck Daddy, posted his excellent Colorado Avalanche season preview as part of an ongoing series previewing all 29 NHL teams.*

He asked me and a few other bloggers for one or two sentences to use as quotes in the article. Now, I don't know what Jib thought one or two meant but Tapeleg still bested me in the quest to use the least amount of digi-bits (see, I hear the interweb is filling up these days so I try and say as little as...).

But what got me was the first response to the article. It wasn't "Thanks for the hard work in producing all this content for us, Sean." It wasn't "Avs suck!*@#&" It wasn't "I miss Joe Sakic." It wasn't "I miss Tyler Arnason." No, it was "Who will be Captain?"

Am I alone in providing the following answer:
Who gives a s*#&?

Maybe I'm just cranky because it's been a long time since the Avalanche, let alone hockey, have been on TV. Maybe I'm as tired as Paul is of all the crap surrounding the league right now. But why is this the first question on everyone's mind?

I'm far more curious about who will line up at left wing on opening night. Or whether Duchene will make the team (he will). Or who the surprise out of camp will be. Or if the defense will regain some cajones with Lefevbre in charge. Or if I'm going to cry during the epic Joe Sakic video tribute on opening night. Or whether the Avs have hired ice girls at Craig Anderson's request.

Who the captain will be is far down my list of concerns and I'd be just fine if they left it absent for a year in homage to Super Joe.

* Phoenix isn't a team anymore, right?


GEO said...

So who IS going to be captain?

Shane Giroux said...

*head asplodes* :)

Honestly, I think they'll give it to Stastny.

Anonymous said...

AS of today Foote is the Captain.

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