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Monday, September 29, 2008

Team Ranker Ranks High on Time Wasting Scale

(Yahoo! Sports)
The new Team Ranker up on Yahoo! Sports is a great idea. It's also a great was to waste away your morning.

It pits two teams against each other and asks you a simple question: "Which team is better?" 

After you make a choice, you get to see the overall results from that particular matchup and are presented with a new matchup to vote on.

In other words, you could do this all day long and be the most productive worker in your building.

Once you finally decide to take a break, you can then see the rankings by going to the Team Ranker Results section. 

And, as of this writing, the user projected playoff matchups pit the Red Wings against the Avalanche. We just can't escape the bastards.


horbayj said...

so speaking of pointless time wasters, khabibulin got released, now i know his situation was similar to the theo one (he just never got..marginally better) but he has won a cup (on a one line team) and he does have the playoff experience, yet i dont think the avs could even afford what he would be asking for salary wise, or they want to start preparing for the future and give budaj the spot, thoughts, shane?

Mike at MHH said...

What's with all this hockey talk??!!?? Massages, bitches, it's all about the massages!

Shane Giroux said...

horbayj, I'm find with giving Budaj a shot. He's shown he can carry a load when necessary. He's also shown he can let in some soft goals but what goalie hasn't?

I'm on board with Jibble's campaign

Shane Giroux said...

Sorry mike, I'll try and get something up later this week :)

horbayj said...

shane, im on board the Jibble believe train as well, its raycroft that worries me

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