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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2nd Annual Avalanche Roundtable Coming Oct 1

Brace yourselves, for a historic tradition is about to continue.

For the second straight year, the annual Avalanche blogger roundtable will launch on October 1st. In other words, we go live tomorrow!

The Avalanche bloggers and podcasterse have been burning the midnight oil to answer all your important questions heading into opening night.

The format is a bit different this year. Rather than unveiling everything in one stop tomorrow, the festivities will start here in the morning with a question on rivalries. The train will then roll out of the station and stop at In the Cheap Seats tomorrow to see if the Avalanche have any holes to be plugged. 

It will keep steaming along, one stop per day, along the Avalanche blogosphere rail line.  It will then pull into the station at Jibblescribbits' site the morning of October 9th.*

Yep, we're leading you right into opening night so hold your breath, cause there's about to be a whole lot of hockey talk. And then there will be some actual hockey!

* I really didn't mean to go with a train metaphor there, it just happened. Sorry.

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