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Friday, September 12, 2008

Massage or Hockey?

I went for a massage last night and once it was done, I decided I'd book another one a month in advance. If I don't, I tend not to go until I'm past the point of no return and what should be a relaxing massage ends up being a sadistic torture ride.

If we head forward a full month from yesterday, that would bring us to Thursday, October 9th. I like to get my massages in the evening after work is done and 7:30 was available. "Sure," I said, "October 9th is fine. See you at 7:30."

I headed home, went for a long walk and enjoyed a nice fall night. But when it came time to go to bed, something felt terribly wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it but my brain just wouldn't let me comfortably rest. I was up every hour on the hour, tossing and turning while I tried to quiet my mind.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning, I instantly had the epiphany I'd been waiting for all night. October 9th is opening night for the Avalanche!

That's right, we're less than a month away from a brand new season of hockey and no massage will keep me from planting my butt firmly on my couch, laptop scorching my legs, while I yell at the TV for the Wings/Leafs game to end quickly.

Who needs a massage to relax?


Mike at MHH said...

Massages should NEVER be sadistic torture, unless you're talking about a different kind of massage. I'm not sure how you canucks roll...

Aaron said...

That post made me laugh. The season is 82 games long - you can sacrifice one game for the sake of your health. :)

Shane Giroux said...

mike, we're far too polite to ask for happy endings ;)

The first game of the season is just so special though. It's a blank slate and pessimism is at least 5 games down the line.

If only I could see the squad head down the ramp to open the season.

Stupid Red Wings and stupid Bettman (or whoever makes the schedule)

Jay Veaner said...

Stumbled upon this and thought you might enjoy it Shane.

Virtual doucheness!

Shane Giroux said...

They used Phaneuf as a model for the fighting? That's crazy. They wasted all that money on getting him over there when they could have just used youtube clips like this one:

Or this one:

Ah, that put me in the right mood for the weekend to start!

Jay Veaner said...

Thanks for sharing those Shane. The announcer absolutely cracking up is priceless. I like how he apologizes about it too. Good stuff.

I just cannot see, with all of the insight that I have, how someone wouldn't be able to absolutely love Lappy. So glad he's on our Avs. I kind of have a professional sports/hockey man crush on him. How can anyone not?

Have a great weekend. The countdown is on. Less than a month to go!

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