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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Joined in Progress = *expletive deleted*

The national broadcast schedule is out and the Avalanche will be featured 13 times. Unlucky 13. The ol' one-three. Yep, let's try and focus on an ill-conceived superstition than the fact that, once again, the Avalanche's season opener will be joined-in-progress.

That's right, the start to a season worth of Avalanche watching will be led off with gaggles of Avalanche fans crossing their fingers that the Wings/Leafs game won't go to overtime. Then there will be some cursory analysis of the Wings/Leafs game while those same fans simultaneously scream "CUT TO THE F'N GAME!" at their television screens. And finally, a harsh camera cut to action already in progress.

Maybe it's silly "pie-in-the-sky" thinking, but I love the buildup before the first game of the season. I love seeing some pre-game warmup shots, some early analysis, watching the goaltender waiting at the door, head down and getting psyched up, then watching him charge down the gate to christen a new season.

But again, my petty dreams will be dashed. And again, I'll blame it on the Red Wings.


Ryan said...

Yet another reason to hate them. Forever.

Mike at MHH said...


You're talking about the Wings, right?

Shane Giroux said...

I think it's safe to associate the word "hate" with the Wings.

Well, them and Dion Phaneuf.

Azazael said...

Wow Shane I have never seen Phadouche spelled the way you did. Is that a Canadian spelling?


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