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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sakic Still Sitting On the Boards

Joe Sakic was on "104.3 The Fan" this morning to promote his upcoming charity golf tournament but shockingly, the topic of Sakic's ultimate decision came up.

Now, in case people were unaware, Sakic is still trying to decide whether he will retire or play for at least one more season in the NHL. Word is that if he does come back, it will be with the Avalanche, so that's nice. What isn't nice, though perfectly understandable, is just how long this decision has taken.

Once the Avalanche were unceremoniously swept at the hands of the Detroit Red Wing - I bet you all tried to forget that, right? - the clock started ticking. And once word got out that Sakic had asked to be on the ice for the final seconds of game 4, many started assuming the worst. You don't ask to be out in the final minutes of a beat down unless it could be the last time you set skates on that ice.

Myself, I was ever the optimist. I guess I'll count that as shock #3 of the offseason, completing the trifecta. As soon as that game ended, I said that Sakic would be coming back, no questions asked. A month passed. Coaches came and went. Then Joe Sakic appeared in an interview on and said he would make a quick decision. I guess our definitions of "quick" differ.

We're closing in on the sixth fortnight since he stated he would make a quick decision. In my books, books which thankfully tell me that a fortnight is 14 days, that's not quick. Wars have been over in less time. Species have come and gone in less time. Paris Hilton has gone through a dozen "romances" in less time.

There are two new pieces of information that came out in the interview. One that can be construed as good news and one that can be construed as bad news. The good news? He isn't letting team and coaching personnel affect his decision. It's solely based on his ability and desire to play another season. The bad news? He wouldn't want those abilities to be any less than they were 20 years ago. In other words, it's #1 center or bust.

I don't have the numbers in front of me so I'm not sure just how many people have played their 20th season as a capable #1 center, but it can't be more than half a dozen. That's the only thing that has me wavering a bit on my decree. If he expects himself to be playing at the same level he was 5 or 10 years ago, well that just doesn't seem likely.

But in the end, he has the right to make this decision on his terms and given that he has management's full blessing, I think we should cut him a bit of slack. But just a bit.

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