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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guess Who's Going to the Hockey Hall of Fame

As some of you may remember, I opined about a month ago that I would not be going to see the Stanley Cup when it made its way to Saskatoon with Mike Babcock. Well, his 2 days with the Cup came and went Thursday and Friday. He spent time at a Tim Horton's on 33rd Street which is mere minutes from where I work. He also headed down to River Landing, Saskatoon's newest downtown centerpiece, again minutes from where I work...and I didn't bite.

Yes, the Stanley Cup was in town but I did not want to see it by piggybacking on a Red Wings win. And that must have been the right decision as the hockey gods saw fit to grant me a viewing of the Stanley Cup that isn't tainted by a Wings victory.

I'm currently sitting in the Fairmont Hotel in Toronto after catching a seat sale from WestJet which ran over the same days that my girlfriend is here for a conference. And does anyone know what's in Toronto - besides Leafs fans? That's right, the Hockey Hall of Fame. And in case you were wondering how far away the Fairmont is from the's about a 5 minute walk.

We even got to sit together on the plane, even though we booked separately, and it was a direct flight on a 737 which means there was in-flight tv. Does anything more need to be said? They hockey gods want me to see that Cup. They need me to see that Cup. And I won't disappoint. I'm headed there in under an hour and won't be back until I've explored every crevice.

EDIT: Oh, and then I've got tickets to The Dark Knight at the IMax tonight. Overall...a pretty good day.


Angélique C. Murray (Jori) said...

Have fun! I went to the HHOF in 2005 and got some snazzy photos of the Cup as well.

Mike at MHH said...

Dark Knight GTW!!

Aaron said...

Did you enjoy the Dark Knight?

Shane Giroux said...

The Dark Knight was excellent. A touch long as it dragged on a bit past the climax. But plotwise I can understand why. Seeing it in IMax was amazing too. You felt so in the movie that when they panned over top buildings, I felt a bit nervous!

And the HHOF was great. I had no idea just how massive it was even though people warned me ahead of time. I've got my memory card with me but the camera is still in TO with the girlfriend. If I find a card reader, I'll get them up in the next couple days. If not, it likely won't be until next week.

Oh, and get this. No Avalanche hats but 4 different Nordiques hats. Bizarre. I grabbed one for $5 so I was happy.

Pratul said...

Dark Knight Oh! Must Watch!Much better than previuos sequels.
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