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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Guess Who Ain't Goin' to See the Stanley Cup?

Mike Babcock is from Saskatoon. I live in Saskatoon. Mike Babcock's team won the Stanley Cup. Each member of the Cup winning team gets their own personal time with the Cup. See where this is going?

I've never seen the Stanley Cup up close and personal but I never thought my first good opportunity would come at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings. It seems like some sort of sick, cruel joke.

I know Babcock will be coming here with the Cup to show it off.

And I know I won't be going to see it.


Inferiormadbeing said...

Babcock should be going to Whitely Bay. Forgotten his roots so easily. ;)

ELPOU said...

Hi Shane

I was lucky enough to see the cup back in 2001 when the Av's won the cup, Alex Tanguay is from Ste-Justine, 10 min away from my hometown. It was a cool moment. By the way in a few weeks, I will be attending my fourth Alex Tanguay golf tournament. It's for various charity like minor hockey and stuff for young kids.

Shane Giroux said...

inferiormadbeing, that was after Saskatoon though ;)

elpou, congrats on getting to see the cup up close. Have fun at the golf tournament too. I might have to make it back home this year for Patrick Marleau's annual golf tourney.

Jibblescribbits said...

You should try and Swipe it Shane

Shane Giroux said...

I'm on it

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