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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Joel Quenneville Not a Jack Adams Finalist

The Jack Adams finalists are out and our very own coach Q did not make the shortlist.

So the Capitals remarkable resurgence under Boudreau, the Habs meteoric rise to the top and the Red Wings pesky ability to keep winning the Presidents Trophy was all it took to put them above a coach who - amongst injuries mind you - had his team literally limp into the playoffs?



AndrewB said...

I'd say Carbonneau or Babcock, with the advantage probably to Carbonneau. Both guys know how to motivate their team very well, but I feel like the Wings never faced that much adversity during the regular season. And the Central still has the easy reputation.

Does Budjai start tonight? I'd say why not, but I might be wrong. If the Avs want to keep up a good relationship with Theodore heading into the off season I'd let him play. Don't know if he has a big ego, but I'd let the guy prove whether or not he wants to be with the team next season.

Mike at MHH said...

If Theo's psyche is as fragile as we were lead to believe after his stint in Montreal, he has to play Game 4. The only reason to reaquint him with the pine is if you have no intention of signing him in the offseason and want to mind-fuck whatever team picks him up.

Shane Giroux said...

True Babcock didn't face any adversity but I don't know if it's necessary to face adversity to be a great coach.

I think Carbonneau obviously did a great job but he still seems very rookie-like to me, particularly in the way he handles his scratches. But maybe that's the best way to motivate the players.

Boudreau is tougher because I don't know how much of their success was due to him or to Ovechkin. I honestly didn't see enough Caps games to warrant an opinion.

But I have an inkling that this one is going to Babcock. There's been a lot of talk in the media about the Jack Adams being kept away from coaches whose team finished at the top. It seems they've made their minds up already.

Jibblescribbits said...

*sniff* *sniff* I do believe I detect the feint aroma of sarcasm.

Shane Giroux said...

Maybe a little bit... ;)

Anonymous said...

Quenneville is a horribl coach in my opinion and deserves nothing but the boot from Colorado. The Avs have all the talent in the league with Forsberg, Sakic, Foote, Stastny, Leopold, etc. can the Avs have an unbelievable season with Quenneville as coach the answer is no. His first year of coaching the avs we didn't even make the playoffs. This year we barely make the playoffs. With the talent the Avs have how can you miss the playoffs one year and struggle to make the playoffs this year. Avs GM needs to look at the coaching not the players. The Avs can play well at times but at other times it looks like the coach did nothing to motivate them. Sakic is usually his dominate self but doesn't seem to be dominate anymore and i dont think its his I think he is tired of Quenneville. Quenneville ran David Aebischer out of town cuz they didn't get along so i think Quenneville is running the Avs program into the ground and something needs to be done about his coaching career in Colorado

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