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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red Wings Take 3-0 Series Lead Against Avalanche

(Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Well that's the season folks. The only question remaining is whether the Avalanche will go out with a bang or a whimper.

For now, I'm going to go whimper into my pillow and will recap in the morning.

UPDATE: I whimpered too long and woke up late. So here's a few quick notes and hopefully I'll find time for a recap at lunch.

UPDATE 2: It looks like I won't get time today to do a full recap so following the notes below, I've put up my raw game notes, swearing and all.

Edited Notes
- Hlinka was out, Forsberg was in
- Forsberg was almost out again after the first period but gutted it out
- caught the first 10 minutes on French is non-existent these days
- once Dallas was over, I was treated to ol' Pierre McGuire
- Foote and Sauer were broken up with Foote-Leo and Salei-Sauer
- Sauer doesn't shift from backwards to forward quickly enough and that's why he tends to get victimized by forwards on the outside
- Hensick drew in and played a whale of a game
- David Jones was on fire but still couldn't finish
- Chelios had a brutal game
- Theodore is now 2-16 with 14 straight losses in the second round
- On Datsyuk's 2nd goal, he didn't deflect it or get a rebound...he actually knocked the puck out of the air before it got to Theodore and put it in

Raw Notes
forsberg, sakic, jones
hejduk, stastny, brunette
mcleod arnason hensick
mccormick, guite, laperriere

Hannan, Liles
foote, leopold
salei, sauer

Watching in French

Switch up at D with Foote and sauer broken up
Hensick draws in

Wings fly in fast!

Lappy crunches someone

Hensick gets one!
pnealty was coming, arnason hangs, hensick fires and mcleod tipes it in!

this is how I wanted them to come out!
osgood looking a bit shaky
tossing rebounds, not gobbling up close pucks
mccormick tossing his body around

detroit gets first powerplay
sauer and foote together for kill

oh joy, it's pierre
"all due respect to dallas, all due respect to pittsburgh, all due respect ot montreal" - STFU (1st Det goal)

datsyuk ties it on a nice play

Franzen gets em up by wide open behind Leopold

forsberg gone from bench midway through

Forsberg back
Stastny not coming back

Kronvall still hates Jones

Chelios getting picked apart

Sauer doesn't turn from back to front fast enough - hesitates like he's thinking about whether he should do it or not - or is just clumsy

Hensick playing great! Energizes crowd single-handedly

Datsyuk scores
I don't think Theodore ever stopped it. I think Datsyuk did and potted it.

McCarty penalty for holding - free hand
Bruno! Great pass from Hej and Liles blasts it to front and Bruno with awesome tip-in

energy line has good shift after goal
hensick lines comes out after
detroit ices it
forsberg, hejduk, sakic out right away with no word from Q
Forsberg tries his spin shot but it's blocked
Forsberg takes a penalty! Fuck! Just reckless. double-minor. pussy dive by Samuelson
Beauty PP goal

Forsberg sakic hejduk together since start

That is a brutal idiocy for calling Forsberg on goaltender interference
Even-up call on Zetterberg after

too many men on Colorado - yeesh
Wings then had too many but no call

Lappy with a break but hesitates too long

penalties on Forsberg - no good in the box!

Quenneville 3-10 all-time vs Red Wings
Theo 2-15, 13 straight losses in 2nd round

Osgood settling in now

Detroit too many m en
nothing for Avs PP
Detroit too many again
Need to capitalize on this mistake!
Bruno in front off Sakic, step and shot!

Forsberg demolishes Kronvall
Foote crunches Zetterberg out of crease

Definite hi-stick on Wings on Leopold
Franzen hauls Forsberg down but no penalty - didn't touch puck!

Hudler clangs iron

Theo out but can't gain zone

And...that's the season

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Anonymous said...


Shane Giroux said...

My goodness there are some idiotic Red Wings fans out there.

Do you ever take the time to stop thumping your chest so you can formulate some sort of opinion on a subject? You know, so you might actually contribute something beyond blatant homerism?

Shane Giroux said...

Wow. Based on the stats, you're from Denver. You wouldn't be wingsfanindenver from A2Y would you? You don't seem quite so brain dead over there.

AndrewB said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog, Shane, and even though it isn't totally over yet (you never know), am sorry this series didn't turn out to be more entertaining. I'm happy as a Wings fan and would never complain of course. But I've enjoyed your posts and opinions and look forward to reading them through the next game(or games) and into next season. You know, of course, that as an asshole Wings fan I would never post something so coherent and unchildish if it weren't 3-0 though, right? Kidding aside, entertaining and informative blog.

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks for the comment, Andrew. So does the 3-0 lead finally get Wings fans off the stress train so they can become coherent again? ;)

AndrewB said...

It helps. And then the next round begins. I'm not one of those fans that is crushed they don't win the cup every year so getting back to the western conf calms me down a bit. But that's easy to say before the games begin, and something I'll probably contradict when they lose a game or two.

I think they've got a solid chance, barring injuries, of beating dallas. Haven't seen enough of the Dallas series thus far, though, so maybe I'm wrong. Won't even think on who they might play if they get past Dallas.

Dario said...

Um Shane, Denver is choke full of Red Wing fans. Just like we are filling to the brim with Nebraska fans. Everyone loves their home city, they just don't want to live there.

Jay Veaner said...

Holy crap! Intelligent hockey talk between a Red Wings and an Avs fan! This truly is a rare occurrence. Wish there were more fans out there like you andrewb. Cool that you got in touch with Shane for all of the right reasons. I wish there was more conversation like this on everyone's blog instead of mindless trash talking. That gets old pretty quick, unless you're 11 years old.

Keep up the good work Shane. New show sometime soon, when there's something on the Avs' end worth covering. They're not playing well enough for me to even talk about them. =(

Going to the game tomorrow. What are your thoughts on this being Sakic's last game? I don't want it to be, but could it be? I don't want to witness history this way. That would be bad. I'm hoping he just needs a summer to recover becuase it's pretty obvious that he's not 100%. What do you think?

Take care man, Jay

Shane Giroux said...

jay, I think Sakic is in for another year. He hasn't looked too worn out and as Jib noted in his thoughts on the game, he looked pretty good out there.

Enjoy the game. Hopefully it's not the last of the season. I don't like to prolong agony but I don't like to give up either ;)

John Frahm said...

It is the end of the season. We are so plagued by injuries, nostalgia, and a lack of being in the game it is sickening.

In this second series they have been WATCHING the game, not playing. Our D corps could learn how to hustle a little more. The Avs have been incredibly sloppy at passing.

I did not see 100% on the ice.

We kept waiting for the Red Wings to bring it down to our end rather than taking it to them.

Can I say this again?

Sloppy Passing
Watching the Game
No Hustle
Not Enough Agressive Play

AndrewB said...


I would be shocked and saddened if this turned out to be joe sakic's final season. He's the second best player to ever wear the #19, and I've always enjoyed watching him play.

If he did retire after the playoffs it would be a bit like when Yzerman did. It's not how you want your favorite players to go out, but it makes a kind of sense. They always played hard no matter what the outcome and didn't feel any shame because they'd given it their best. It shows class to stop playing when it's time, instead of trying to go out on a high note like most professional atheletes. They both seem like humble players that way, always shying away from making about 'me.' Neither player ever wanted it to be the Joe Sakic or Steve Yzerman show. That's why I'm a big fan of both.

They're obviously highly skilled and fun to watch, but that humble attitude on and off the ice is what made them heroes to me.

Jay Veaner said...

Thanks for the response. I really do hope you're right and I agree with the last game of the season thing. As long as our Avs play hard until the end I really don't care if it ends tonight or not. They've never been a team to go down easily or goon it up, so here's to hoping they keep that up and earn some respect along the way.


We can go back and forth about which number 19 was better. I think we can both very much agree that they were/are the best number 19s for each franchise for sure. We can also agree that they were the best for all of the right reasons. The thing about Stevie Y is that you could kind of tell that his body just simply wasn't going to be able to do it anymore. Sakic had his surgery so it's kind of hard to tell whether he just needs more time to get better, or if he truly has lost say, a quarter step or so. =) After a strong 100 point season last season, I'm thinking that a summer of rest will get him back to better than he is now.

On another note, I think my man John Buccigross put it best when he wrote, ""One of the last NHL megastars who retained all of his teenage character. Players entering the NHL today are rich when they play Game 1. They can't really be humble and innocent. Enjoy him. There will be no more Joe Sakics anytime soon." You could easily put Yzerman in there, no problem. It's totally true that they are a few of the last big stars that played for a fraction of what players that don't even make it to the NHL play for now. I just feel really fortunate we had the chance to/are watching them during our lifetime.

Again, a true pleasure to talking to someone who enjoys hockey more than they hate the enemy team. Thanks for being brave enough to admit that here! I like fans like you andrewb. Enjoy the game tonight!

Shane Giroux said...

john, excellent point on the Avs watching and waiting rather than playing.

jay, I love the quote from Buggicross. I think he's spot on the money, so to speak.

jay and andrew, I love the banter back and forth. That's what I hope to see not only here but on other sites.

I hope the game is an enjoyable one tonight, especially for you Jay since you'll be front and center!

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