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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Avalanche Rally Late; Beat Canucks in Shootout

Scott Parker gets ready for a tilt against the Vancouver Canucks
(Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Phew! I'm going to be at an event most of the day tomorrow and it's late now but I had to get something up. Even if it's just to say "Wooo!!!!"

Ok, I'll say a bit more. After the Canucks went up by one late in the third on a reviewed goal that barely crossed the line, the Avalanche then tied the game at 2 with just 15 seconds left in the third period. Ruslan Salei displayed superb composure keeping the puck in the zone then fired it at the net where Joe Sakic banged home the rebound.

OT solved nothing and it was off to a shootout where both Joe Sakic and Marek Svatos, not the Avalanche's best SO performers, beat Roberto Luongo and Jose Theodore went 2-2 to bring home a huge W.

And given that Nashville got clobbered 8-4 by Buffalo, that means the Avalanche are back in a playoff spot as they now hold down the 8th seed in the Western conference. Who'd a thunk it?

So in conclusion, Adam Foote = warrior, Jose Theodore = superb, Scott Parker = scary, Darwin Head = millionaire and Joe Sakic = Joe Sakic (ie. god)


Jed said...

man it sounds like it was an awesome game. I sat down to watch it (at 10 est, so late...) Only to find out that is on NHLnet. I was so depressed to see that. What exactly is the deal with NHLnet?

Shane Giroux said...

It was a very exciting game, especially from the last 10 minutes of this third until the end.

NHL Network, eh? The game was on TSN here but NHL Network is a sister channel of TSN (CTV/Globemedia) which recently started sending its signal over the border.

If you've got Center Ice, there's really no reason to order the NHL Network but it can lead to some blacked out games.

And don't get me started on blackouts :)

Jed said...

Yeah I have Center Ice, I kinda have to living in northern Florida, otherwise all I would get is Vs, which is only like 1 game a week until the last 20.

I have noticed lately there have been more games on NHLnet. Two of three games I wanted to see last night were on there; the Avs game and the Florida game.

If this gets worse I will be very upset I have to pay for two premium packages just to get my games. :(

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, TSN ran a doubleheader with the Leafs-Panthers game followed by the Avs. And apparently the powers that be decided the NHL Network should have global broadcast rights even though maybe a sum total of 12 people in the US subscribe to it.

Jibblescribbits said...

Blackouts are sensible. I mean limiting a customer's access to your product seems like an excellent business decision.

The game sounded great, would have liked to actually see it though. At least NHL.com should have good highlights

Jay Veaner said...

I'm lovin' the blog more and more Shane. People probably think I'm just copying everything off of you, but in fact we're just always on the same page. Huge win last night, it's definitely starting to feel like playoff hockey. And I couldn't agree more...Joe Sakic does in fact = god. He never does cease to amaze me. How many more years you think he has left in the tank?

Jay Veaner said...

Altitude, Denver's network, was able to interview Forsberg last night before the 3rd period. It's so good to see him so happy. When he says "we" he means the Avs. I love it. I have tickets for next Thursday's game against the Ducks and can't wait to feel the energy in the building. I'm hoping, in a selfish way, that night will be his re-debut. In a team way I hope he returns sooner than that.

Shane Giroux said...

jib, we can't even blame this one entirely on Gary since it's the damn networks who request that sort of access.

Of course maybe if the NHL had some more sway they wouldn't need to give in to those demands.

But hey, I'm from Saskatchewan where we never know if a Riders game is going to be shown b/c it depends on whether the game is sold out and, apparently, a random roll of the dice.

Shane Giroux said...

Jay, no worries at all. I'm finally caught up on your podcasts as of last night and definitely appreciate the shout outs you've given. I'll hopefully be sending you my comments on your taking the helmet off question with regard to fighting.

I hope (possibly in a naive way) that Sakic has 2 more seasons left in him meaning he would captain Team Canada in the 2010 Olympics. It would be such a thrill to see him in that role in his home province. I couldn't even imagine what a thrill it would be for Joe himself.

Congrats on having tickets for the Ducks game. If Forsberg can get his VISA issues sorted out, it sounds like he might debut against the Kings on Saturday. Or at least he indicated that was the main obstacle.

And yes, he looks super happy to be back which is great to see. And how at peace does Foote look these days? I mean, he still looks mean but in a good way ;)

Jed said...

So I just watched the highlights on Yahoo, and am even more upset I didn't get to see the game, it looked great.

I can't wait to move back to Denver so I can get Altitude again and make some of the game. :)

Jay Veaner said...

Shane...It's very clear that Peter and Adam just simply look right with the Avs sweater on. They'll look a little weird without the alternate captains "a"s, but we'll take it!

I've had tickets for the Ducks game since the beginning of the season, just turned out this way as far as the Forsberg thing. I guess the phones have been going crazy at Pepsi Center as far as future tickets go. Pretty much a win-win for the fans and the organization. I also think the organization is being kind of vague on his return on purpose. Gotta sell tickets. Forsberg has been very clear about getting a practice or two under his belt before he returns. That makes sense to me.

No problem on the shout outs. You deserve them. Hope to hear from you if you get a chance. Thanks for your shout outs on your blog too.

And how cool would it be to see Joe wearing the "C" in Vancouver in 2010. I know he wants to do that, and I know everyone hopes he gets a chance to do that. He earned that right, just needs to hang on for a little while longer.

Jibblescribbits said...

Who are these "Riders" you speak of? some silly Canadian-=bastardized version of Football I wonder ;)

fezworth said...

Careful now, jib...

choose your next words *very* carefully. ;-)

geoff said...

i'm a coloradan living in vancouver and boy was it fun going to work this morning! so glad to see joe at his usual joe-form so quickly out of the gate.

Jed said...

Jay which blog is yours again?

Shane Giroux said...

geoff, nothing like getting to rub a little salt in the wounds. I've got a couple friends who are Canucks fans, for whatever reason, so it's always fun poking fun at each other after the games.

jed, jay's podcast can be found at: