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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking a Pie in the Face for Prostate Cancer

Some of you may recall my post in the aftermath of the great hashtag battle of 'ought-10. In it, I said I would donate my estimated contribution of $100 had I attended the battle to a charity. I even hinted that a donation to prostate cancer research might be in line given that Movember was coming up.

Well, it's happening. Today, in fact.

My workplace today held a bake sale and as part of it, you could by a pie and deliver it to someone. Sounds nice, right? Until you hear the next part.

That person then had the choice of either doubling what was previously paid and sending it to someone else or taking that pie right in the face. There was no "eat it" option.

I had gone home for lunch today rather than eating at the office. I thought an unintended benefit would be avoiding a presence which could lead to me taking a pie in the face. As I arrived back at work after a long lunch, I headed up to my office and was greeted with an option of paying $80 for a pie or taking it in the face.

Since I had just finished lunch I didn't really like the thought of more food near my face. So I sent it right back to the person who sent it to me, thinking there's no way they would pay $160 for a pie. Turns out, I was wrong.

She sent it right back to me and since there's no way I'm paying $320 for a pie - even for a good cause - I decided that I'll take it in the face.

I have no idea when it's going down but I promise to share pictures when it's done. And though $80 is less than $100, I think the karma of taking a pie in the face while doing so balances out.

Call it even?


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