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Monday, October 4, 2010

Avalanche Blogger Roundtable - Day One

The Avalanche blogger roundtable has kicked off and this year there are 27 participants. 27! It's like we're all a bunch of small businesses producing similar ideas with one ultimate goal: to get bought out by Google.

I'd be curious to know what the blogger community is like for other teams. Are there this many contributors for the majority of teams? How many single bloggers are there as opposed to team approaches? Are there really this many individual opinions? Do people read every Avalanche blog out there? Will the universe end today?

These are all pressing questions I'd like answered (and we'll find out the answer to at least one of them T 11:59:59pm tonight) but for now, spend your time on more important questions.

You know, ones like Why is attendance down? or Is this team unexpectedly tough?

Only once those questions are answered can we truly understand the mystery of the universe.*

There will be one more question up today and then three more every day until opening night. There's a lot of opinion to read and a lot of opinion yet to give on each question. But I think we can all agree that based on the preseason, the Avs are doomed this year.

Since the schedule is based on Eastern times, 66% of the questions are up before I even start my day. So I miss some of the party but I promise, this season I will come to them more often.

*I have it on good authority that unicorns are involved.

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Draft Dodger said...

we actually have 29 now. I had a late entry and another one in my inbox that I had missed

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