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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quincey Cup Snub Brings Out the Sniveling

Kyle Quincey is a little bothered that the Detroit Red Wings voted and said he wouldn't get his name on the '08 Stanley Cup. Red Wings fans are annoyed that Quincey is bothered. Quincey is now a member of the Colorado Avalanche. Perfect.

Wings fans are saying it's a joke that Quincey is making an issue of this and that he's nothing but a "biotch". Talk about a fanbase just aching to have somebody to deride. The Wings do good? Poke fun at other teams and players. The Wings do bad? Poke fun at other teams and players. Talk about a joke.

Quincey said:

"It bothers me a little that I didn't get a ring. That's kind of a gray area, and they decided not to give us one. That's their decision," Quincey said. "It just drives me more and more to have an opportunity to get one with this team."

Yeah, what a whiny little bastard. A sniveling coward. A pussy. Wimp. Biotch.

Of course, they never commented on what Quincey said about his time in Detroit:
"I was very privileged to be there and being able to learn so much from so many legendary players,"

Yeah, what a terrible excuse of a player.

You know what, Wings fans? STFU and cheer on your team. It's what real fans do.


Anonymous said...

Yes, anyone who plays 6 regular season games on a cup winning team deserves to have their name engraved on the cup....

Shane Giroux said...

Not at all my point. My point is Wings fans pounced all over it, likely to distract themselves from the teams struggles to start the season.

And to make out like Quincey is a terrible excuse of a human while missing him calling many Red Wings players "legendary" was classic. Simply classic.

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