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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's the Avalanche Song?

It's interesting how well music can jog a memory. Whenever I hear Back in Black come on the stereo, my mind drifts back to a volleyball season back in 1997. We were unbeatable and every match, we headed out to warm up with AC/DC cranked up to 11. My memories of that season seem to be forever tied to that song.

I was heading to volleyball this evening and Journey came on over the ol' iPod (who am I kidding, I made it come on) and that jogged a memory. Does everybody remember when Don't Stop Believing would come on over the speakers at the Joe Louise arena and the whole crowd would join in, believing they were headed to another Stanley Cup? Such a fairy tale ending, eh?

But nonetheless, I'll admit to being a little jealous and thinking to myself "When was the last time the Pepsi Center lit up like that?" Obviously, fielding a Stanley Cup caliber team goes a long way to igniting the fans but a good song is that cherry on top that finalizes the sundae.

So as we all sit and lick our lips at the prospect of Stastny-Duchene up the middle, leading the Avalanche back to the promised land, it's got me wondering - hoping - that along the way a song for the Avalanche might be found.

And not just some generic sound that people can yell "Hey!" to at the right moment. I'm talking a real song with lyrics that people can identify with, sing along to and use to rally the team and show their support.

Does anybody have one in mind or should we put our hopes on the Avalanche sound guy finding the right fit somewhere down the line?


horbayj said...

clearly not the guy spinning at the can, the music they had for last years opener was total shit compared to other teams..

Anonymous said...

Agreed, they need more classic rock and they need to turn down the bass.

Devon Rathie Wright said...

Whatever happened to We Will Rock You at sports events? Or is 20000 people stomping their feet not good for the foundation?

AvsHockeyPodcast said...

Alright Shane. Great post man. I've been thinking about this a bit and I need to vent just a little. Stick with me here.

Back in the '96 playoffs, when Joe Sakic would score a goal (which was freaking all of the time), the PA announcer would say his name as, "Joe Sssssssssssssssakic." The crowd got to hearing it enough that the fans at McNichol's would say it along with him. That was fun. The other post goal ritual that I miss was the deer in the car scene from Tommy Boy. As Chris Farley would say, "That was awesome!" the crowd would say that along with him too.

In other words, I'm not quite sure if the Avs need a song, they need something that will get the crowd excited for the team to score. Much like the bells they play in St. Louis after every goal. The crowd buzzes from the time the goal is scored to when they get to count along. It sounds stupid to the opposition, but I'm sure we'd all think it was pretty cool if we were Blues fans, just like we'd love the "born and raised in South Detroit" lyric if we were Wings fans (for some unknown reason.)

Here's what bugs me at Pepsi Center. The scoreboard is always asking you to do stuff. The "make some power play noise" or the "if you came to scream your head off, you may now proceed" and the stinkin' "daaaaaaaaaay oh" routines are old. It feels like it's more geared towards the 10 years old kids there. You want the place rockin'? You want noise? Put the puck in the net. Play hard nosed hockey. Hit someone. Make a great save or two. The crowd will already be in it and you won't have to ask for any extra noise because it will already be there. It's a pretty simple concept.

So to sum it all up, the Avs need something the fans can depend on. I'd say it needs to start with a quality product on the ice, then we, as fans, can figure out what we're going to do after all of those goals and great saves.

Shane Giroux said...

Devon, if you didn't build your arena with a foundation to support 20,000 fans stomping, then you hired the wrong engineer ;)

Shane Giroux said...

jay, I'm saying we've gotta add the cherry, not make the music the sundae :)

Any little meme that a team's fans can get behind are great to build loyalty and passion. Songs have that "it" factor that takes a meme the extra mile. You can be walking down the street and start busting out a song (as I often do) and it'll get you thinking about the team. It's the cheapest marketing you can get.

Anonymous said...

that butthole surfers song that goes "like an avalanche, comin down the moutian." or something like that. always reminds me about the avs.

Shane Giroux said...

Pepper! Yes, I love that song. It might be a bit too...weird...but it's a rockin' song.

Jibblescribbits said...

A bad song memory is "In the beginning" by The Stills. There's a part in the song where they repeat "Like a ball of fire" over and over, and I was listening to it when I found out Granato would be the coach last season.

And the Avs season, as we all know, went down in a ball of fire.

As far as good songs, "We are the Champions" reminds me of being in Civic Center Park when Joe Sakic was showing of the Stanley Cup in the summer of '96. While the song has long been cliche, it still makes me think of being there that day.

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