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Friday, May 8, 2009


I was on campus at the University of Saskatchewan all morning convincing high school kids that technology - and teh Interweb - is awesome. Then I did a quick radio spot on CBC radio, came back to the office and delved into some internal projects. In other words, it was a productive Friday. And then a co-worker sent me an email that said "Roy?" with a link to TSN's story.

Of course, I spent about five minutes giggling to myself and saying Roy's name with a high-pitched intonation. You know, karate style.

Once that was done, I figured I should check out the article. They claim that the DP reported Patrick Roy was in town to interview with Pierre Lacroix for a position with the team. "Holy crap!", I thought to myself.

So I strolled over to the DP site and checked out Dater's story. Sure enough, he says that Roy was in town, meeting with Lacroix about a possible position with the team. And Roy himself was quoted as saying he wanted to coach, not "shuffle papers".

Should Tony Granato be worried? He's used to being demoted, right? He'll take it in stride again, I'm sure. Then again, being demoted for a junior league coach is a bit different than bringing in a long-time NHL coach like Joel Quenneville. The Avs might want to have a grief counselor - and security guard - on hand for that one.

Of course, that's if Roy was in town for an interview regarding a position with the team. Maybe he just stopped by to say "Hi". All the way from Quebec. For less than 24 hours.

Last summer, I put up a poll asking if Roy would be the right choice to coach the Avalanche. It was a non-overwhelming "Yes". Here we are again, one year later. I've put the poll up again so let's see what you have to say.

No comment
Jacques Martineau, the head of Media Relations had no comment but did confirm that Roy was in town. Why do they even have a media relations guy if he only tells us what we already know and says "No comment" to any follow-up questions?

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Adrian said...

I ask myself that question every day.

horbayj said...

as much as i hate other teams who run the 'boys on the bus' i think a guy like ol st. patrick is the kinda guy this team needs, his determination and fire rubbed off on the them when he was between the pipes, why not behind the bench? having a pretty successful stint in the Q looks pretty good on a resume as well...

Devon Rathie Wright said...

I guess the question is, was the coaching the problem this past year? Was it one of several problems, or the main problem?

How many season's grace would Roy receive while coaching? Gretzky's squad has been continuing to improve, but still have not made the post season. Would Roy receive the same benefit?

Hiring Roy would be great for business. Firing Roy would hurt it even more though. The fans would revolt.

Shane Giroux said...

Good point, Devon. We're all analyzing the hiring side of the equation but coaches getting fired is a virtual certainty in the NHL. I think the average lifespan of a coach is around 2.5 seasons.

There are two sides. One is that he might be given more leeway based on his name. Right now, Granato's head is being called for but if Roy was the coach, I think we'd have a slightly different tune.

And at the same time, with that extra leeway, for Roy to get fired he would have to crap the bed pretty badly at which point his iconic stature might be diminished in fans eyes.

texacogirl said...

Great minds think alike. I had the same thought about Roy being coach as far as the fans go. Right now Roy is a hockey god. However, if he were to coach this team to a season like 08-09 or even worse, the fans would, at minimum feel conflict, and at worse revolt. Roy would be the talk of every hockey news show, blog, and newspaper in Colorado and Montreal, and not for a good reason. Nothing will change his HOF status but a bad coaching stint would make him the laughing stock of the NHL along with the Avs. Can this be called a paradigm? Because the result could be the total opposite.

Americanario said...

Has coaching hurt Gretzky's image? Or do people make a real effort to separate the player from the coach? Then again Coyote fans have not seen the success that we Avs fan are accustomed to. It's hard to say how much leeway the organization/or the fans would give Roy. As for Granato, many fans were against him from the start because of his previous head coaching stint with the club. They (fans) were read to pounce on every mistake he may have made. With Roy, I'm sure he'd get a pass from the fans at least for a season, maybe two if improvements can be seen.

Shane Giroux said...

Americanario, it certainly hasn't diminished Gretzky's playing career in any way, but his overall persona has taken a hit in my eyes. When I saw him behind the bench in his first year, there were times I felt sorry for the guy b/c he looked so uncomfortable there. His choices for Team Canada in the 2006 Olympics - while not entirely his fault - also colored my opinion of him.

I think the fans would give a lot of leeway to Roy for exactly the reason you said. We will be more predisposed in favor of Roy than we were predisposed against Granato.

But if they institute Roy as coach, they have to bring in new assistants as well. Changing just one stone doesn't create a strong foundation.

Shane Giroux said...

texacogirl, it would be a heck of a risk. He's done well in juniors but the jump to the NHL is a big one. It might best as (I believe it was) jib suggests to move Roy to the AHL for a season or two and then bring him up.

At least then if Roy fails at this level, the Avs don't look so foolish.

Of course if he jumps straight to the NHL and succeeds beyond our expectation, the Avs look like geniuses and I think that thought is in the back of Lacroix's mind.

Trevor Turnbull said...

Here's an update for ya......pretty reliable source in Paul Kukla. Apparently Roy has been offered the job.

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