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Monday, May 25, 2009

Patrick Roy as Coach and GM?

If the reports are true and Pierre Lacroix offered Patrick Roy the coach and GM roles with the Avalanche, then Lacroix has lost his friggin' mind. The dual role may work in the WHL, but I don't think it's sustainable long-term in the NHL these days.

If it's a ploy to sweeten the deal and keep Roy away from Montreal, then it's a bad one. Unless Lacroix's genius vision is to put Roy in as GM in a figurehead role and let people like Craig Billington et. al. do all the work. Once again, I come back to the whole "lost his friggin' mind" thought.

I spent most of my Sunday reading Batman comics - what? - and sleeping, so I missed this one until Elpou fired me an email which I got this morning. If anyone even has any articles or opinions to send my way, feel free to contact me via email, comments or telegraph.

And I swear, at some point I'll come out of hibernation and write more than once a week.


Devon Rathie Wright said...

Roy mentioned that he didn't want a paper pushing job, so I doubt he'd want the GM position. However, if he's just a figure head, then he wouldn't have to deal with paper, he'd have a minion to do it for him

Anonymous said...

This is a good move. While others whine about the dual role, I for one think Roy could do no worse than Giguere and Granato. If nothing else Roy will demand nothing but perfection and if the player doesn't like it, that player will be gone.

Shane Giroux said...

anon, worse? Probably not. But enough to retain his sainthood? Unlikely. Regardless, we won't find out for a few more years. And hopefully by then our yet-to-be-named GM will have built a contender.

somebody said...


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