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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tavares Drops to #3

The thought of drafting Matt Duchene has had Avalanche fans mildly giddy. Sure, after the season we endured you could argue that we'd be giddy over a kick in the crotch.

But no so fast, Avs fans. John Tavares has been tankin' it up in the playoffs while Matt Duchene has been tearing it up. And now one independent scouting service, Redline Report, has Tavares dropping to #3, behind Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene.

I'd take Duchene over Tavares but I'm hoping Islander and Lightning scouts have already made up their minds.

Thanks to Sean Leahy for the tip via Twitter.


Anonymous said...

An Avs fan in Saskatoon. Interesting. As a fellow Avalanche fan from Ottawa (who saw Tavares play when the juniors were here just after Christmas), I'd take Tavares in a heartbeat.

He's taken the London Knights from pretenders to contenders in a matter of weeks.

Angélique C. Murray (Jori) said...

I doubt the Islanders care what Woodlief has to say, the guy loves to stir the pot.

Shane Giroux said...

anon, there are two of us just within our office here ;)

Angélique, fair enough. I've never heard of Redline Report to be honest but I assume any scouting service is a worthwhile one. Maybe I'm too rosy-eyed there.

Regardless, the Avs are going to get a hell of a player with the #3 pick. But I've already fallen in love with Duchene!

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