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Friday, April 17, 2009

Not that far outside...

The weekend was shaping up nicely. Eric Lacroix is not up for the Avs GM job, UFC 97 is on tomorrow night, I caught I Love You, Man which was hilarious and I felt pretty damn good. Then Dater came up with this ditty.

I nearly lost my head. If he was saying that McGuire might be a replacement for Tony Granato, I could buy it. I wouldn't like it, but I could buy it. But as the GM? No friggin' way.

...can you name me anyone who has seen more NHL games in the last few years than McGuire has most likely
I bet Gord Miller has watched as many. Or Jim Hughson. Or Bob Cole. Or Craig Simpson. Or James Duthie. Or Bob McKenzie. Hell, I might be willing to give McKenzie a shot as the Avs GM.
Can you name me a person who has has a more varied menu of personnel he’s spoken to in the last few years
That might be fair. But I would change "spoken to" to "sucked up to". Because that's the real part of the job description. He's not there to call out coaches or GMs or players. He's there to get sound bites.
He’s got two Stanley Cup rings on his fingers, as a scout and assistant coach with Pittsburgh in 1991 and 1992
He was hired as a scout in '90. I doubt he was crucial to the Cup win in '91. I'll give you '92 because he was an assistant coach at the time. His head coaching career went down in flames following those years and he hasn't been back since. I'm going to call that a pattern.
I mean, why not?
Because his first order of business would be to trade the farm for Dion Phaneuf.


horbayj said...

Because his first order of business would be to trade the farm for Dion Phaneuf

baahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shane, that made my night man, MADE. MY. NIGHT!!!

Sean Payton said...

Is it just me or is Dater just trying to stir up the pot 80% of the time? I actually like McGuire quite a bit as a color anaylist, but I get the feeling that he would move a guy for one bad shift.

Geoff said...
This post has been removed by the author.
AvsHockeyPodcast said...

Shane...Congrats on the love on Puck Daddy. Very cool man. You're HUGE! =)

Keep up the good work.

Shane Giroux said...

horb, glad I could help ;)

Sean, yeah he gets a bit sensationalist from time to time.

Geoff, I get emails on comments so even though you deleted it, I'll still answer. Silva will destroy whatshisname. Badly.

Jay, thanks. PD links to me from time to time and it's usually when I'm ticked off about something. I guess I write better angry ;)

Jibblescribbits said...

Pierre would fit right in, since he loves all the "Monsters"

Shane Giroux said...


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