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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Denver bound!

It's finally coming true! The flights are booked, the hotel reservations are made and soon, game tickets for the final two Avalanche games for the season will be mine.

I'll be in town from Thursday, April 9th until Monday, April 13th. The Saturday and Sunday will be centered around hockey for the two afternoon games but I'm looking for a place to grab a bite and watch the game on Thursday as well as some advice on the sights to explore on Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday morning.

And if any of you are going to be at either of those games, I'd love to meet you. I'll post up my seats once I get a hold of the tickets and am always available via Twitter where we can plan to meet up somewhere.

As some of you may recall, in December of '07 I was scheduled to be in town for the Penguins game but had to cancel for health reasons. This year, nothing will keep me away. Nuclear holocaust? I'm there. The sun goes supernova? I'm there. I stub my toe? Totally there.


Draft Dodger said...

what if it interferes with massage night?

Fletch said...

Great time to come to Denver, and maybe Sakic's last game. Should be historic. Man, there are tons of places around the Pepsi Center to grab a bite to eat and watch the game. It really depends on where you are staying. As far as non-hockey related activities for your time, here are a couple suggestions:
In Denver:
The Denver Art Museum, The Denver Zoo, The Denver Mint, and the Denver Botanic Gardens. Go tour the big-ass REI store then get a great burger at My Brother's Bar. Rent a bike and cruise the cherry creek trail to another great burger bar, The Cherry Cricket.
In Golden:
Tour of Coors Brewing in Golden and then a tour of the 2nd largest brewery in Golden, Golden City!
In Boulder:
Marvel at the hippies and college co eds on the Pearl Street Mall, hike the flat irons, walk around CU.

Adam Hersh said...

Hey Shane,

I'll be in town from the 9th-14th for the games. After the Thursday night game, I'll be going to dinner near the arena with a couple people from the Avs board and you're welcome to join us if you'd like. If you'd like, email me and we'll talk things out more. Talk to you soon.


Tapeleg said...

Damn, I'm going to miss you by a week and 1/2.

The best place to take in an away game (IMHO) is SoBo 151 in Denver (151 South Broadway), the Czech hockey bar. Jerseys cover the ceiling, and hockey memorabilia is everywhere. Enjoy the Czech food (the garlic cheese dip is excellent, but followed with the Schnitzel is even better), the Bekrovka goes down smooth (Czech liquor that tastes like christmas) and enjoy Czechvar beer, the original Budweiser.

texacogirl said...

I'll be at one of those games; maybe the last game of the season. As far as happy hour, Pat's on 16th and Market which is only a few blocks from The Can has $3 drinks from 5-7pm. Brooklyn's is right across the street from The Can and is packed before and after games. As far as a good watching place, I hear there is a great place on Broadway just south of downtown. I'll ask around and see if I can get the name for you.

Best place to be in Colorado? The mountains.

texacogirl said...

Tapeleg FTW!!

Jibblescribbits said...

You'll like Denver, it's a great city. Wish we could do a gigantic blogger meet and game watch.

Have fun

Adam Hersh said...

JS, get to Denver for these games!

horbayj said...

ugh shane, you sir are living a dream of mine, always have a dreamed of sitting in the can and cheering for the home team instead of getting booed and heckled by the oiler day..

Anonymous said...

My favorite place to eat/drink in Denver is Breckenridge Brewery. They are at: 2220 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205, (303) 297-3644, Have an Avalanche Ale while you're there!

Have a good trip

Shane Giroux said...

DD, no worries, I'll book one just before the trip so I can be 100% mobile while I'm there ;)

Fletch, texaco, anon, thanks for the tips on places to go. I have to balance the sports with a "nicer" atmosphere to keep the gf reasonably happy but I think I can make one of those choices work.

Tape, dude! I think it's time for a schedule change :P That's too bad we'll just miss each other. One day though.

jib, we definitely need to organize one of those. We gave it a half-hearted attempt early in the season but we never really pushed it through for whatever reason.

horb, one day I'll head out there so we can form a united front ;)

Adam, sure I'll get in touch with you and see if we can plan something out.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions!

Anonymous said...

SoBo 151--absolutely. It's a bona fide Hockey Bar. No other bar in Denver would bother to have all HDTVs, but maybe one, tuned into the Avs Game. Plus the audio's on too so you can hear Announcers McNabb & Haines' banter--that will never happen in any other bar in D-Town. No other sports bar favors an Avs game before all other major Denver Teams. Avs Fans have jerseys on. Gamegoers show up after the game. Rumour is that #23 sometimes has Lunch there. Go figure.

You must have a shot of Becherovka. I recommend the Zelnacka or Kure Na Paprice. Czech it out...

Great Blog BTW!!!

:: Anon7

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