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Friday, December 5, 2008

Avalanche Outshined by Stars, Lose 2-1

Marek Svatos was the hero, tying the game in the final minute, but the Avalanche couldn't complete the comeback and were handed their first OT loss of the season.

Unfortunately I'm lacking the energy to do a full recap after a long week so I'm going to bow out gracefully tonight and hopefully be back in full force for Sunday's game against the Canucks.

I'll end on this note: Why did Turco pick tonight to start stopping pucks?


ELPOU said...

The sad part is that the Avs player keeps on dumping the puck behind Turco's net. He's one of the best at handling pucks, I saw him make a pass to one of his players about 15-20 times in the game. The coaching doesn't seem to be able to adjust in the game, It's gonna be a long season.

Jay said...

Turco chooses to stop pucks and the Avs show up for one period. Not a good combination.

Mike at MHH said...

Jay, you should amend that to "...and the Avs (with the exception of Svats) show up for one period."

somebody said...


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