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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Avalanche Dump Canucks in Shootout, Win 5-4

I'm currently in a temporary apartment and without my TV/PVR/Center Ice trifecta. And though I have a Slingbox, the wifi I'm pilfering has been hit-and-miss.

So what does that mean? It means I only saw bits and pieces of the game so I'll do this recap in point form.

See, individual points have less chance of making me look like an ass than if I pontificate on a "trend" based on one observation.

And here...we...go!

Daniel Tjarnqvist is making his case for staying in the lineup. Could he be making another defender expendable?

Milan Hejduk lived up to his "Canuck killer" moniker as he potted one goal, assisted on two others and sealed the Canucks fate with a goal in the shootout.

David Jones found the twine tonight as he continues to improve from earlier this season. He's got a ways to go to hit 30 goals though.

What was with Steve Bernier tonight? He potted two goals and only the post kept him from ending the game in overtime.

Wojtek Wolski is the new Jussi Jokinen. But his moves are even sweeter.

Could Wolski, Marek Svatos and Hejduk be one of the most potent shootout lineups this year? Seriously, I'm asking.

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Jibblescribbits said...

We all know I hate the shootout, but if I have to sit through it at least Wolski is making it look awesome.

Jay said...

Totally agreed Jibble. Schneider even had it read right and still couldn't stop his move. By the way, does that move have a name? I know he busts out the Forsberg postage stamp leave behind every once in a while, but what is the move he used last night called? Options off of the top of my head: the inside-out (boring), the dipsee-doodle (stupid and already taken for a bunch of other stuff), or the Wolski-nator (that really sucks too, but may catch on.) What do you guys think it should be named?

Mike at MHH said...

How about: Automatic.

horbayj said...

haha i like that one mike! what im not liking is this .500 hockey the boys have been playing, then again, this is what we expected coming into the season..

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, the .500 moniker is tough. I actually expected more. I expected Budaj to play as he has been lately, I expected the offense to perform as they did for a few games recently, and I expected the defense to be much better than it has been.

Anonymous said...


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