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Monday, November 24, 2008

Zeiler Suspended Three Games for hit on Foote

TSN is reporting that Los Angeles Kings forward John Zeiler has been suspended for three games for his hit on Adam Foote.

I'm not sure when the league is going to start trying to actually deter this kind of play because three games frankly doesn't seem like much.

I wasn't in outrage when the hit happened due to the plethora of similar plays that happened lately causing a bit of indifference. I can't think of the darn psychological term for it but I know there is one. Psych 101 is almost a decade behind me so can someone help me out?

Anyways, the hit was dirty, dangerous and could have been debilitating. And it wasn't a hit that had to happen. Yes, Foote saw him coming and kept his back turned the whole time. That's the key point. He never once showed Zeiler anything but his numbers.

Remember kids, when you see the numbers, you let up. Even if your coach gives you shit over it.

Which would you prefer? Your dick of a coach to get a bit pissed at you or to paralyze someone for the rest of their life?

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Jay said...

The term you're looking for is desensitized Shane. Either that, or "you could give a flying crap", but I don't think that applies to you and anything Avalanche. I knew that psychology degree would come in handy some day!

I was really worried about Foote after the hit as he was face down and not moving really at all. I got more worried when the trainers waved more people on the ice too. I'm happy he got to skate past the stretcher. We don't get to see that often enough in pro sports.

Someday the NHL will get what they deserve when it comes to all of these nasty plays from behind and to the head. Why not do something like the bench clear rule? No one comes off the bench for a brawl because that 10 game suspension for being the first one off the bench is what they consider before they do anything. I know hitting from behind isn't as clear cut, but it sure would help to up the ante just a little bit so people would actually think before they pulled some stuff like Zeiler did.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for the chance to share Shane!

Shane Giroux said...

Yeesh, you wouldn't think I'd forget a word like desensitized but that's the one. I think I was trying a bit too hard to find a "big" word ;)

Yep, it's all about making people think before they do.

I always have a theory when setting policies at work. Make it harsh, then people will think twice before breaking it. Because you know it will be broken at some point.

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