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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trade Winds are Blowing

Ok, I usually don't talk about trade rumours since I'm not a big rumour fan. Which is odd since I grew up in the mother of all rumour-filled small towns.

But I've heard a few related to the Avalanche lately and thought I'd briefly weigh in.

Afinogenov to Denver
First, AD reports that the Avalanche may be interested in Maxim Afinogenov. The usual "change of scenery" motive is given as Afinogenov is playing brutal in Buffalo (1 goal, 8 assists in 21 games) and I believe has been relegated to the fourth line.

Afinogenov had two excellent seasons in Buffalo but it's ot enough to make me think he can consistenly pull out that sort of production.

He certainly has the speed and skill but I think he's too much of an enigma to take a flyer on.

And if Francois Giguere gives up Brett Clark for Afinogenov, then he is officially not qualified to run an NHL team.

Lappy for Ott
Second, Bruce Garrioch (of "Malking to the Kings" fame) proposes the following trade: Colorado sends RW Ian Laperriere to Dallas for Steve Ott.

Wow. If Giguere makes that trade I vow to drive out to Denver, locate Giguere and cuff him upside the head.

Good grief, Bruce. How does it make sense to trade a heart-and-soul scrapper for a boneheaded agitator who is a detriment to his team more times than not?

Trade Smyth
Third, and this one isn't from a rumour, it's just something I've seen pop up from time to time from fans. Trade Smyth.

The no-trade clause in his contract makes that a virtual non-option. And even if he didn't have it, the only reason to trade him would be to free up cap space. The Avs have plenty of that. So no. Smyth is staying.

Something may change
The team is struggling, no doubt about it. And something may change. But bringing in Afinogenov won't solve the team's struggles. If anything, it would be a token player move to make before letting the coach go.


horbayj said...

you think TG will be let go? I agree this team is in a slump (albeit extended) yet i don't think he's lost the room like MacT has in edmonton. Though his throwing of Penner under the bus seems to have worked for the time being

Jibblescribbits said...

The last thing this team needs is another mercurial forward. I think we've met the quota there.

Shane Giroux said...

horbayj, Granato is in well liked by management (see the head coach hiring process) so I don't think he'll be given the boot just yet. If the team keeps underperforming, Giguere would likely try to shake things up with a trade first.

Firing Granato would be a last resort because it would mean the Avs were wrong twice about Granato's abilities. Heaven forbid they admit that.

jib, no doubt. Arnason and Afinogenov would be in a duel over who is the most frustrating underperformer on the team.

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