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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Avalanche Crunched by Flames Again, Lose 4-1

51 shots against, 23 shots for. Do I really need to go any further?

Good, because I'm tired.

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Ryan Riebau said...

I didn't even want to address this game since I was so ticked but here we go. I thought we played ok in the first. Toward the end of the 1st and all of the second we didn't do ANYTHING! We didn't even look like we wanted to be there, the Flamers dominated by forechecking and puck control on our end...Then in the 3rd when we became desperate & played with a sense of urgency....We had a few good looks. Anyway, again, I'd like to think that we don't play a full 60 minutes of hard hockey! What do you guys think, what's your analysis? That was an important game in closing in on teams in our division and we choke....oh yea,Budai was shaky in the 1st but I thought he played well throughout...

Jay said...

Ryan...I'm starting to think this team may be in trouble this season. When Budaj cools down (which he will) and if the offense stays on this pace (which they might if Joe is out for a while longer) things could get pretty ugly. Very frustrating last night, that's for sure. Let's hope our Avs can start scoring some goals sometime soon. It is getting really old watching shift after shift after shift in the Avs zone. Overall, I'm kind of worried.

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