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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Where has *this* Kurt Sauer been?

Last night, Kurt Sauer absolutely creamed Andrei Kostitsyn in a game between the Phoenix Coyotes and Montreal Canadiens. 

Sauer then proceeded to answer the bell with Tom Kostopolous to atone for his hit. I'd go on a rant about clean hits and fighting but in this case, Sauer's arms were a bit high. And he knocked the dude out. That's going to piss a few teammates off.

And of course what's a hit like that without a showdown between heavyweights? George Laraque and Todd Fedoruk. had a tilt at the end of the second period which oughta teach opponents that if you mess with Montreal's smaller players...Laraque will beat on someone else for a while.

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Jay Veaner said...

I always liked Sauer for the fact that he would do this stuff every once in a while. I think we always knew he had it in him, we just didn't see it quite often enough.

And what warm-blooded hockey fan doesn't like a heavyweight bout like the Fedoruk/Laraque matchup? We don't get to see those near often enough. You could hear the excitement in the crowd right away.

Good stuff Shane. Talk to you again soon.

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