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Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Gambling - and Prediction - Time!

I live in Canada. Land of the free. Home of the brave. 

Wait, that's not us. We're still free but we shun the "brave" tag for "strong". We're strong, have glowing hearts, get lots of massages and more importantly, we can legally gamble online.

Why, I remember when frankfurters only cost a nickel...
My last foray into the world of betting was back in my early high school years.* I headed in to our local lotto/barber shop, grabbed a Sportsline ticket, made picks on the winners for all six games that night and laid down $10. The next day, I walked out of the store with $75 and promptly retired.

I was dormant in the gambling world for over a decade as I lived the life off my winnings. Lavish houses, luxury cars, weekends in Venice, winters in the South of France. You name it, my $75 covered it. 

But during the 2007 playoff run, my winnings dried up so I pulled a Brett Favre. 

I opened an account with Pinnacle Sports, dumped $15 into my account - whoa, big spender! - and laid $10 on the Ducks against Minnesota. The Ducks won, I made $5 and I went into hibernation.

Then came UFC 70. Mirko Cro Cop against Gabriel Gonzaga. A man with one of the greatest looking highlight reels in history against a guy I'd never heard of. Laying big money on Cro Cop would seem to be the smart move, right? I decided to go the other way. The odds were 5-to-1 against Gonzaga so I put all my winnings on Gonzaga. And he ended up nearly knocking Cro Cop's head off.

I had tripled my money from $15 to $45. Combine that with my $10 into $75 trick and I was up $95 off a $25 investment. How could I go wrong!

Fast forward past me building up my winnings to $200, losing it all, then gaining it all back by riding the Wings through the 2008 playoffs and here we are. 

I've got blood money sitting in my account and it's time for speculation betting as the NHL season is about to get underway.

Lines, Wings and Kings
Pinnacle has their NHL Futures lines up and are taking bets on the winner of each division, the winner of each conference and the winner of the Stanley Cup.

Detroit is the favorite for the Cup and the Western Conference while the Pens are the favorites for the East and second in line for the Cup. I don't see the Penguins winning the East this year but unfortunately you can't bet directly against a line. 

The Kings represent a huge payoff if they are able to go on what would be the most improbable run in history and take the Stanley Cup. For ever dollar you bet on them, you'd walk away with just over $100 if they walk away with the Cup. 

Predictions and Prognostications
The divisional favorites are: Pittsburgh, Washington, Montreal, Detroit, Calgary and San Jose. I think they're half-right. I'll give them Montreal, Washington and Detroit.

I want the Canadiens to win their division. And the conference. And I think it would be great if they made a run at the Cup. I come from a long line of Habs fans. I even drank the Kool-Aid in my single-digit years so I've got a bit of a soft spot for them. And it would be a great - if slightly overdone - story for them in their 100th season.

The Capitals will get in mostly because there's really nobody else in the Southeast to challenge them.  But Jose Theodore will do his best to give them a challenge.

The Wings? They'll take their division, promptly causing all their fans heads to explode due to overinflation.

The Penguins are going to struggle out of the gate with their backend pinched by injuries. It will leave the way for the Devils to slide up and claim that division.

The Sharks look great on paper but I'm calling Dallas in the Pacific this year. Richards is going to have a career year while Morrow and Turco lead that team to the top.

And as for the Flames? Well, you know how most of us feel about the Flames. And that keeps my brain from allowing me to think they could take the division. Of course, they've got a much better shot than Vancouver, as do most teams in the Northwest. 

Again, I wish we could bet directly against a line. But I'll say go straight homer style and say Colorado wins the Northwest. It's my blog and I'll say it if I want to!

Put up or shut up
I'm putting some money on the Devils to win the Atlantic because that looks like the best value of the bunch. Will I put money on the Avalanche? I might toss a $1 at them and hope for the best. And if they don't win the division, I'll assume it's because I jinxed them with the bet.

Round and round we go
And don't forget the roundtable action continues today over at Jersey's and Hockey Love with some thoughts on Tony Granato.

* A benefit of small towns is that if the store owner likes you enough, he (or she) doesn't give a hoot about things like legal ages for gambling or drinking.


horbayj said...

hey shane, so clearly there is nothing on tv so i've tuned into hardcore hockey talk on the score. he's got the avs third in the div and squeaking into the post season in 8th place. Where do you think the boys will place?

Shane Giroux said...

Honest opinion, I'd have to agree with that.

Of course, I honestly could see them taking the division as well.

It's so tough to make a prediction this far out. Look at all the pundits who predicted Montreal to be next to last in the East last season.

Or the Wings to win the Cup. Ah crap...

horbayj said...

as much as ive been impressed with vancouver over the pre season, i dont think its going to extend into the regular season. If kipper is average and doesnt jive with iron mike again, i dont think iggy alone can save them. Edmonton has a very good team on paper, but people in edmonton have been saying that for a while. The rumors i've been hearing about Gaborik wanting out of minnie dont sound good, and i cant stand how brent burns always takes it to the avs. I think if our goaltending pans out, with boods winning 30 or so games we'd be in the clear, as well, if Raycroft regains his calder forum (remember when we said that about theodore and his 2001 season) I agree with you when you say that our front 6 d men are some of the best in the div, but out front 6 are aging and hejduk needs to play more consistant, and svatos maybe try an entire season for once.

Shane Giroux said...

Yeah, I think the NW is really a toss up this year. Any team - except Vancouver ;) - could take it.