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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Official Colorado Avalanche Roster for 2008/2009

In a surprise move, Per Ledin didn't make the cut and has been sent down to Lake Erie along with TJ Hensick. So the Avalanche 2008/09 opening night roster is official.

As much as I'd like Hensick to stay, it would mean bumping Arnason out of the third line center spot and that didn't seem likely. I'm sure he'll get some time with the Avs during the season regardless.

As for Ledin, I think everyone expected he would make the cut so it's a bit of a surprise. He's an agitator who is able to score as well. He seemed like he would be a great fit on a line with Guite and Laperriere and, from what I've read, performed well in camp.

Ledin should be able to come up without clearing waivers - again, if I understand them correctly - so he could pop in from time to time.

As it stands, it looks like Parker will sit in the press box most nights along with one of the Cody's. And Daniel Tjarnqvist of course.

Will the Cody Mcleod lovefest continue or will Granato at least favor Cody McCormick who is much more in control of his temper and can play on the PK when necessary?

And yes, David Jones makes the roster but that wasn't really a question. The only question now is whether he'll outscore Ovechkin or Kovalchuk.

Opening night is only two more sleeps away. And I still haven't ordered Center Ice. I better get on that!

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ELPOU said...

I have been a Center Ice subscriber for 3 or 4 years. You won't regret this.

Chris Moore said...

As a Wings fan, in the playoffs, Hensick was one of the only Avs players I thought was effective against the Wings. It is surprising to me that he didn't make it this year.

Jibblescribbits said...

Is David Jones eligible for the Calder this season? or did he play enough last season?

Shane Giroux said...

Nope, Jones is not eligible for the Calder. He played 27 games last season and the cutoff for eligibility is 25.

But I think this year they might have to make an exception ;)

Shane Giroux said...

elpou, yeah, I had CI last year and it was great. More hockey than you can shake a stick at and I see a lot more HD channels in my guide this year!

chris, yeah Hensick was one of the few who were effective in that series. He should be a lock for the team next year and I'm sure we'll see him at some point this season.

Anonymous said...

i'm getting tired of waiting for TJ...can we just demote Arnie already?

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