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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Avalanche Reduce Roster to 25

Brian Willsie has been sent down to the AHL, much to AD's surprise. Based on everything I'd heard, I'm a bit surprised as well. He seemed like he could fill many roles on the team. 

Giving him a role on the team would most likely have eaten into Per Ledin's ice time and the Avs likely want to give Ledin a good look at the start of the season. 

Based on waiver rules, it appears Willsie would have to clear them before being reassigned to Lake Erie. But I make no claims at completely understanding waiver rules. Or any other contract related rules to  be frank.

That's unfortunate for Willsie as if he does clear them, he'll likely be in Lake Erie for the rest of the year. If any callups are needed, the Avs will look to the waiver exempt players first so they don't risk losing a player for nothing. 

So there are two more cuts to go before opening night and on the chopping block are:
TJ Hensick
Cody Mcleod
Cody McCormick
Paul Stastny
Scott Parker

Scott Parker is the most expendable on that list and it appears that Tyler Arnason has diplomatic immunity so TJ Hensick will likely find himself back in the land of the Monsters. Paul Stastny will just barely make the cut which leaves the two Cody's in the press box to practice their antagonistic antics. 

I give Mcleod the edge in annoyance but I think Cody McC would take him.

EDIT: Rethinking this over lunch, it's probably more likely that Parker hangs in the press box and one of the Cody's gets sent to Lake Erie. I'd pick McLeod myself and have McCormick as the 13th forward.

It's possible that Granato will ease Ledin into the NHL schedule as the 82-game season may have been a problem for last year's Euro import, Jaroslav Hlinka. So the two Cody's might not get too bored with each other.


Mike, (Avs Fan) said...

Lol @ Stastny barely making the cut. If the best player on the team gets cut, I'm gonna boycott watching Avs games all year, lol.

Seriously though, I want to see both the McCodies used only in injury situations. I'd rather have Hensick and Davey Jones on the 3rd line (of course, they have to make the team first), and I'd rather have Ledin on the 4th line. I just don't see where the McCodies fit in there. I think they would be great filler material, but not night-in night-out starting players. Of course, this plan leaves out Arnason. Let him be a healthy scratch till someone gets injured (which is inevitable).

Jay Veaner said...

Just posted about 15 minutes ago...Hensick and Ledin sent down as well. Interesting twist...

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks for the heads up, Jay!

I agree with you there, mike.

And now with Ledin down, I want to see McCormick and not Mcleod on that fourth line.

But Arnason isn't going anywhere. At least for the moment.

Mike, (Avs Fan) said...

Yep, McCormick is the better Cody to keep on the ice. McLeod is just too, "pesty". I mean, he gives cheap hits, he doesn't fight a lot (and when he does, it seems he loses most of the time), and he's not as sound as McCormick defensively.

I also really didn't like that whole incident last season where he picked up the octopus and threw it into the crowd vs. the Wings. I hate the Wings, and it was cool to see him do that, but it's not like he, or the team, backed up the action. When you do something like that, you better be sure your team can back you up and win the game. Or at least be sure you can back it up and win a fight. If neither happens, you'll look like an ass, which is exactly what happened to McLeod.

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