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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Colorado Avalanche Training Camp Kicks Off

Can you smell that? It's the sweet, sweet scent of training camps all across the nation kicking into gear. Your very own Colorado Avalanche began their camp this morning, just three short days after the rookie camp concluded.

All the rookies apparently stuck around for day one of training camp, making for a pretty sizeable roster. In fact, Jori reported they had three teams scrimmaging today due to the size.

Get all your early-breaking Avalanche training camp news via Jori's twitter and blog. And try not to be too jealous that she gets to watch it all unfold ;)

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Junior League Jumble
The one thing that came to mind was that this is always a rough time for junior hockey. They're just getting their season into gear while some of their best talent is off at training camps.

This was amply reinforced last night as I watched most of an 8-2 beatdown of the Saskatoon Blades at the hands of the Prince Albert Raiders. The Raiders have zero players off at training camps while the Blades are missing six including starting goaltender Braden Holtby (Washington Capitals) and team foundation Colton Gillies (Minnesota Wild).

Luckily I'm a Swift Current Broncos fan so it didn't hurt too much. But nobody wants to see P.A. win. Not even people from P.A.

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horbayj said...

how do the blades look this year? still going to battle it out for bottom two in the east

Shane Giroux said...

If they play like that for the rest of the season, they're bottom dwellers.

Holtby coming back should help but Gillies will likely stick around with the Wild's farm club.

The team looked very disjointed and the D was often caught flat footed. #5 and #55 were a pretty brutal pairing. Big guys but seemed very clumsy on skates.

So yeah, it should be another tough year for the Blades.

horbayj said...

back when i went to games as a kid, it was sarich who was tearing it up

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