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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Duke Stepping Away from the Throne?

Alanah at Canucks & Beyond got hold of an interview with Milan Hejduk which has him alluding to retiring after his contract with the Avalanche is up in two years. At least, based on what Google Translate tells us (and what Greg from the Post-Pessimist tells Alanah), that is.

This isn't terribly shocking given that Hejduk has gone through surgery on his knee, wore a brace for a considerable length of time and hasn't been near as lethal a sniper since those troubles started. And once a knee starts going downhill, it tends to keep right on trucking no matter how many times they slice and dice it.

But will the 2010/2011 season mark the end of The Duke's career? I think calling a retirement two years down the line is premature but in 2011, he will be 34 and will have completed 11 NHL seasons with the Avalanche and 6 with Pardubice HC in the Czech Extraliga. He currently has an Olympic Gold from '98, an Olympic Bronze from '06, won the Rocket Richard trophy in '03 (along with sharing the Bud Light Plus/Minus with Peter Forsberg) and, most importantly, a Stanley Cup from 2001. Even if he weren't to accumulate anything more in the next two seasons, that's still a solid career of hockey.

However - barring injuries - for the next two seasons we should see Hejduk wreaking havoc throughout the league in his maddening consistently inconsistent style. And who knows, if his knee holds up, he could even stick around for another season or two. The only certainty from that article seems to be that he will retire in the NHL, not back home in the Czech Republic.

Oh, and go easy on Alanah. Remember, she has to cheer for the Canucks. ;)

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alanah said...

"Oh, and go easy on Alanah. Remember, she has to cheer for the Canucks."

So sad. (And so true!) Alas. :)

You make a good point, that the announcement seems premature. But I suppose he's only speculating at this point, guessing at how his knees hold up. Regardless, I'm sure he's got plenty more in the tank for the upcoming season at least.

Ironically, Hejduk is my favorite kind of player... it's just my bad luck he plays for your team and traumatizes mine. ;)

Shane Giroux said...

There's something about the Canucks that makes our players really step up. Or they're not better, the Canucks are just that much worse :P

It's premature but athletes do know their bodies very well. If he's getting concerned now, something must be up. I guess we'll have to enjoy him while we have him.

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