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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Avalanche to Poach Coach from Red Wings?

Could the Avalanche be trying to poach from the enemy? Terry Frei thinks it's a possibility and that Todd McLellan, the Red Wings assistant coach, could be a solid fit for the vacant head coaching position for the Avalanche.

McLellan was snagged by Frei after the Wings morning skate Monday and asked if he would be interested in the Avalanche head coaching position. The response? "I would be very interested."

And the match made in heaven didn't stop there as he followed up with these romantic words: "So I'd like to coach a high-tempo, fast, puck-possession type team."

Now I'm very interested. McLellan is in charge of the Wings forwards including their powerplay so how could you not be intrigued?

Read the whole piece from Frei as it really delved deep into McLellan's past including a stint in the WHL where he set foot on the ice against our very own Joe Sakic.

EDIT: I'd love to hear from the folks who feel Tony Granato would be the best option. I'm not a big fan of Granato stepping into the head coach role - heck, he's struggled at times as an assistant - but I'm open to hearing why I might be wrong.

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Draft Dodger said...

"McLellan is in charge of the Red Wings' highly efficient power play and the Wings' forwards"

that's all I needed. He's got my vote.

Shane Giroux said...

No doubt. He's said all the right things so far and appears to do all the right things as well.

I found it a bit odd in Frei's interview that McLellan would say "I really like the way the Detroit Red Wings play" rather than "I like the way we play."

Maybe I'm just being conspiratorial but it seems he's already separating himself from the team to a certain extent in preparation to try and move up. Like Frei said, it's clear he's prepared himself for this sort of interview and it's obviously something he wants.

Nothing like an up-and-coming "go get em!" style coach who has already seen what it takes to win.

Dario said...

It's right in McLellan's wheelhouse in so far as when a coach is ready to make the jump. Dineen would by my second choice but he's still a little light on coaching experience for my tastes.

More on McLellan: http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080311/SPORTS05/803110382

Shane Giroux said...

Thanks for the link, Dario. I've added it to the post.

Blaine said...

Shane, wouldn't Patrick Roy be perfect for the position? Come on, deep down you know its true!

Shane Giroux said...

If that's who Giguere chose, I'd have no problems with it. I'm just not a big fan of headcases behind the bench ;)

When you're a player and a headcase, it can work in your favor b/c you can take the game in your hands and change it. With a coach, it's tougher to have the sort of impact in an individual game that will satiate your intensity.

If that makes any sense at all.