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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Theodore and the Elephant

In my post-game wrapup after the Canucks game, I pondered what the deal was with the #33 and elephant on the back of Jose Theodore's mask. I speculated that he was a closet Republican who still had feelings for Patrick Roy but today Adrian Dater sets the record straight.

Someone submitted the same question for Dater's weekly mailbag and the answer is thus:

Theodore has an elephant on the back of his mask because there was a time in our world's history when a picture of the great beast, with his trunk upturned, was considered a good-luck charm...

Interesting. And if the trunk is downturned that probably means you should back away from the elephant as quickly as possible.

As for the number 33:
...As for why he has the No. 33 with the elephant, it is NOT an homage to Patrick Roy. When he played in juniors and the minors, Theodore wore the No. 33. But when he made it with the Canadiens, that number was no longer an option - as Roy was still with the team when he had his first training camp with Montreal - and it was not available when he was traded to the Avalanche, either. So, he chose the No. 60. But he considers 33 his "real" number, so he said he wanted to at least have it on his mask.

Well, I guess he is neither a Republican nor a Patrick Roy fan. He is a bit superstitious though so fits in quite well with goaltenders everywhere.

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Jibblescribbits said...

I'm not Republican, but I have an elephant in my coat of arms (which I designed). So I actually like Theo more for knowing this.

Oh and the question becomes, okay if he sees 33 as his number.. why did he choose 60 and not, say 66 or 99 or 27 (3^3) or something?

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