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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Hits Just Keep Coming

And so does the misinformation. Brad Richardson has been placed on the IR and good ol' Davey Jones has been called up to fill a roster spot. Richardson is on the IR due to a "minor" shoulder injury suffered against Nashville on December 13th. It's caused him to sit out the last 3 games while he was "evaluated."

They're really trying to downplay this one as the official announcement starts off talking about Jones, then lists all the call-ups the team has had then pulls out this at the end: "In related move, the Avalanche placed forward Brad Richardson on injured reserve with a shoulder injury."

This is injury #6 for the Avalanche at the moment. They currently have the following players out:
Joe Sakic - groin, day-to-day
Ryan Smyth - neck, day-to-day
Jordan Leopold - thigh, day-to-day
Tyler Arnason - wrist, IR
Brad Richardson - shoulder, IR
Kurt Sauer - neck, IR

Joe Sakic recently tested his groin on the ice but quickly nixed that idea and continues to sit out and let it heal. He has no pain walking but you don't use your groin much while walking. Unless you're doing it wrong.

Skating really puts a strain on those muscles so it's best to let them fully heal. It would be nice if they'd stop jerking us around though. He's fine, he's not, he's gonna skate, he didn't. Yeesh.

Ryan Smyth woke up with a sore neck on Wednesday and the team isn't sure what the problem is. Team doctors are going to check him out to rule out anything serious like a herniated disc. Everyone better hope that isn't the case or he could be out for the rest of the season.

Jordan Leopold, while extremely lucky to be an NHL hockey player, has been extremely unlucky with injuries. The latest one is a cut suffered during practice after coming back from a broken wrist.

I mean, you seriously can't make that stuff up. He played one game with the injury but the cut opened up and they decided to let it fully heal. Don't take this man to Vegas folks.

Tyler Arnason had successful wrist surgery and should be out 4-6 weeks. It's unfortunate that he had to have surgery although it did give my wish of having him sit a game or two to see if that would spark his interest in hockey again.

Brad Richardson is an unknown really. The team calls it a minor shoulder injury but it'll keep him out long enough to warrant going on the IR. The claim is 7-10 days and he'll be back but I don't really trust them on injury news at the moment.

Kurt Sauer was supposed to have a neck injury and it turned out to be a concussion. I could understand this one as an error as opposed to misinformation. Well, if a concussion would ever cause neck problems I suppose. They cause head problems and just because the head is connected to the neck, it don't make them the same.

Out of those six, I count 3 where there hasn't been flip-flopping or un-truthiness. We'll see what happens with the Smyth injury though. That's the one I'm not concerned about at the moment.

This is a tough period for the Avalanche as they're starting to ice a team of Monsters. However it would be nice to get straight up information on the injuries. The playoffs don't start for a few months yet.


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