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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Save us, Aquaman!

Adrian Dater puts out the word that the Wings are interested in Ian Laperriere as a deadline rental.

Sweet bejeebus, please don't trade him to the Wings. Unless, as jib suggests, we get a savior in return. And even then I'd still be a bit pissed.

AD asks: does that sound, Av-Ahaholics?
F'n terrible is how that sounds.

There's a time to be a cutthroat businessman and a time to cater to the fans. This is one of those times, FG. We got over the Brad May debacle but this would sting for quite some time.

If Stan Kroenke is worried about filling the arena - and he should be - trading away a fan favorite is the exact opposite of what management should be doing.


Anonymous said...

I'll take Osgood in exchange! Love Lappy, but we have needs. Conklin looks like he'll be taking over the reigns by the way he stuffed San Jose the other night.

Delta_slider said...

Who the hell wants Wasgood? Is that a joke?

Shane Giroux said...

If you had ended after "I'll take Osgood in exchange!" I would have assumed it was sarcastic. But the follow-up makes me believe you're serious.

If Giguere trades Lappy for Osgood - and there are absolutely no indications he would perform this move - I will be in Denver in mid-April and will find his office and pee on his rug.

I hear it really ties the room together.

Anonymous said...

I think a bigger question is raised and that is "How does the front office justify trading a huge fan favorite Lappy and still keep and pay Darcy Tucker who has been a juge disappointment?"

Now I know that no team would even take Darcy Tucker at this point and who can blame them but it just goes to show how bad the front office is at making these off season acquisitions and there inability to handle an NHL with a Salary Cap.

Shane Giroux said...

anon, definitely.

To trade Lappy while still paying Tucker would be a crying shame.

I'd have no problem if the Avs bought him out. He could sit at home and sneer in the mirror while raking in millions from TO and Colorado.

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