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Friday, February 20, 2009

Jose Theodore: Look at me!

AD teased us with an upcoming story where Theodore took the gloves off against his former team, the Colorado Avalanche.

But what came out was barely more dramatic than the bruhaha surrounding the Montreal Canadiens.

Theodore basically says: "I wanted more money so I went to the team that gave it."


"Look at the position I'm in now and where my game has been for the past two months. I think that pretty much speaks for itself," Theodore said.

Ok, I'll look. And since I'm lazy with stats, I'll just cherry pick the numbers that AD put in the article. He's posted a 2.78 goals-against average and .901 save percentage in his last 10 games. Impressive.

I wished Theodore the best when he left - and I still do - but let's be honest about the situation. If Theodore was playing behind this Avalanche squad, he'd be getting lit up like the Macy's Day Parade. Wait. That's held during the day. How about like Las Vegas. At night.

Because as Mike pointed out, if you think goaltending is the only problem with this team then you're on crack. Or something to that effect.

GM negotiating tactics
The only thing that worries me from this story is the way the negotiations went. I don't want to just blanket-trust Theodore's comments on how they went down but it sounds like Giguere is a pretty cold dude when it comes to discussions.

Discussions are a part of the business and Giguere needs to make sure he's not letting quality players walk simply due to treating them as numbers, not as players.

Game day
I'm not sure if I'll get to a game preview today but this was far too non-juicy to pass up.

One of the accounts & marketing folks from our company will be at the game and I asked him to pick me up some game schwag. Apparently Ovechkin's stick from the Caps SO win over the Habs went for $1125. I asked for a puck. They probably cost more.

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