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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John-Michael Liles Out Indefinitely

Frickity frack.

John Liles hurt his hand against the Red Wings and is now out indefinitely.

Foote comes back, Stastny slated to return, fans getting hopes up and then *BOOM*, we lose our supermodel and top defenseman.

At least it wasn't another snowblowing debacle.

And hey, at least Darcy Tucker won't be in the lineup tonight.


Tony Granato expects Liles back at the end of the upcoming six-game roadtrip. So we'll see him on the ice sometimes in December.


Jibblescribbits said...

I want this team to be healthy so Granato can't get out of the "injury" excuse.

Shane Giroux said...

100% agree

horbayj said...

speaking of our male-model, according to Darren Dregar, the avs are in salary dump mode and looking to move guys like leopold (i could see that) liles (doubtful) but here's where i shouted WTF, SINCE WHEN? SMYTTY?? I think he's one of the few guys on the ice earning his $6 mil a season each night

Shane Giroux said...

I don't buy it.

Not only is Smyth playing well for the Avs, he's just getting into a long, lucrative contract with an NTC. If it was his last, or even second last, season, I might give it a bit of credence.

As it stands, I don't think it has any legs. Even though the TSN guys are often quite well connected.

And hey, why would someone living in the same neighborhood as Joe Sakic agree to move ;)

horbayj said...

haha and im sure smytty would offer to shovel his driveway with a shovel ;)

just as i was getting to respect dreger as well, i hated him when he was with sportsnet, but then again i just hate sportsnet with a passion....

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