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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Avalanche Shut out by Wild, Lose 2-0

I want to burn through the recap to get to the really interesting part of the night.

Two second recap
The Avs lost. They couldn't score. They couldn't play defense. Adam Foote got hurt. Darcy Tucker classed the joint up. Wojtek Wolski wants to continue playing center. 

The fun part
AD has gone on another classic rant

And it was good.  Right until the end.

Oh, and has anybody checked out Theodore’s record lately? 13-6-1. Yeah, we didn’t need guys like him anymore.
Must the horse continue to be beaten?

Theodore - and the Caps - are on a good run right now. Theodore has let in just one or two goals per game for his last four games.

Before that he was living up to his unfortunate "Three-or-four" nickname.

The Capitals were winning in spite of Theodore's play.

Their individual stats - which of course have their flaws - are nearly identical.
Theodore - 2.98 GAA, .892 Save Pct
Budaj - 2.84 GAA, .899 Save Pct

Francois Giguere made many questionable moves this offseason but letting Theodore walk was not one of those moves.

He's spot on with regards to Andrew Brunette, Stephane Yelle and the Toronto cast-offs.

Giguere's job will only be saved thanks to the injuries to Paul Stastny and Joe Sakic.


Devon Rathie Wright said...

Notice that Foote left early in the 2nd period due to an arm injury? Greaaaaaaaaaat.

I'm starting to think the Avs should just pull up all of their farm league talent and get them some NHL xp. Build for the future.

The Big Riebauski said...

Darcy Tucker has to be one of the worst acquisitions in the history of the Avs. He barely skates better than S. Parker (who at least would either scare the piss or beat it out of you), he tries to agitate everyone (which he does, just like frick'n annoying mosquitos do), and his stick skills are not all that (once in a while he suffers from being in the right place at the right time syndrome, but it's more like winning 5 bucks on a lottery ticket - it feels good for about an hour and then you piss it away on a beer and forget about it). Beyond that, he blows his lid at the end of the game - maybe to save face for what I don't know, but he ends up looking like a drooling ape on crack whose upset he hasn't been fed (he is the master of crazy face contortions). We should feed him... to another team. Problem is, nobody is hungry for him and nobody in their right mind would ever eat feces - it makes you sick. This guy makes me sick.

Shane Giroux said...

Yep, Foote's out with a triceps injury and Cumiskey has been recalled.

big, no argument here. I'm tired of Tucker.

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