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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Never trust in hope

At least not when it's hope instilled by the Avalanche medical team.

In the DP and RMN recaps from last night's SO win over the Oilers, it was mentioned that the Avalanche were hopeful Joe Sakic would join the team for their game against the Calgary Flames on Tuesday. I mentioned that they were also hopeful he would be with the team last night and we saw how that worked out.

My pessimism - I like to call it realism - was the correct way to go as Joe Sakic will miss Tuesday's game.

He skated yesterday and it "went well" according to Avalanche vice-president Jean Martineau. And by "went well" I assume he means "he didn't break any appendages"

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Jay said...

I believe that Peter Forsberg skated this week at some point, and it "went well" too. They pulled the same stuff when he got close to skating late last season.

I guess the Avs not actually announcing that Sakic will be out for an extended amount of time is a good thing and we should be happy about that. The vague choice of wording by the organization until then can get pretty annoying though. I hear you Shane.

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