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Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm Shocked! Shocked I Tells Ya!

Both the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News are reporting the same story today: Peter Forsberg is having foot troubles and may not return to the NHL. Hmm...when have we heard that before?

As soon as the season was done, I was calling it a career for Forsberg. I'm sure he appreciated it too. But honestly, what more can be done on his foot at this point? It couldn't be made well enough to withstand a dozen NHL games so how can anyone be hopeful he'll be able to withstand 82 games?

If he does attempt to stage a comeback though, I can understand. This sport is his life, his passion, his identity. It's easy enough for us to say he should hang 'em up. It's much harder for him to call it quits when he knows he is mentally capable of a full season, but his body just won't hold up for him.

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Jibblescribbits said...

He couldn't even handle 2 months on the ice, how's he supposed to handle a full season. He is D-U-N done, which is too bad because he's still dominant when healthy. He's just never healthy

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic but kinda makes sence now that Foppa is done. How about signing Yelle? He would be a good face-off man on a team that could use that. Nad he would be a good and cheep 3rd or 4th line center on a team that needs one.