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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Avalanche Comeback Fizzles Stars

(AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)
I got back from an all-day shinny tournament - B-side champions thank you very much - and sat right down and started watching the game. Who needs to shower, right? Actually, I planned on watching the first period then grabbing a shower but after I sat down...I really didn't have the energy to get up again.

Thankfully the Avalanche found their energy midway through the game and were able to come away with a 3-1 comeback win against the Dallas Stars. Make no bones about it, the Stars are a great hockey team and the Avalanche were able to perform a third period comeback on them. Sure, the second goal came shortly after a missed high-stick from Ruslan Salei on Mike Modano but who's counting?

Keep on truckin'
During the second intermission Jeff Finger was interviewed and said "We're not going to push, we'll just see what happens in the first 10 minutes" Well, two goals happened after just continuing to play their game; albeit with a little line juggling from Q.

Rubber match tomorrow
And you know what? I don't even have the energy to write a whole lot more. So I'll put up a few notes and bid you all adieu until tomorrow when the Avs look to sweep this home-and-home against the Stars.

- 6 in a row!
- Foote missed the game due to a hip injury (it doesn't sound severe at the moment)
- Leopold was in and looked a tad rusty
- McCormick is back from his chest injury
- Liles played his 300th game tonight
- Forbserg played his 700th
- does anyone create more space with the puck than Forsberg?
- Finger crunched Morrow into the bench divider ala the Smyth hit but was playing again a few minutes later
- how about Bruno's quick hands on the game winner
- Forsberg got his first and second points tonight
- Theodore played stellar again and Turco was flat out superb
- now I'm wondering if stellar is better than superb or vice-versa
- I was wondering why Richards wears #91 now and it's because Bill Masterton wore #19 with the North Stars and his jersey has obviously been retired
- I wonder if my uncle is going to read this post (he's a Stars fan)
- if you are reading this, Jim then I've got to say it..."Look at me!" (inside joke)

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