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Monday, February 25, 2008

Who Won't be Returning to the Pepsi Center?

The trade deadline is right around the corner and on the heels of a tough 3-2 loss to the Oilers, many Avalanche fans are expecting changes. I suggest you not hold your breath waiting for Rob Blake to come back to town or for Mats Sundin to show up after faking out the media this morning.

If there's one thing GMs, coaches and players alike are renowned for, it's being able to look at the standings and say "We've still got a chance with this squad!" Hell, the Oilers felt they were in the playoff hunt a few short days ago.

With the Avalanche just 4 points back of Nashville for the 8th and final playoff spot, including a game in hand on the Preds, there is no way that Francois Giguere is going to write this season off and start selling the team for picks and prospects. And even if the team was 10 points back, I still don't think it's what Giguere would - or should - do. But that's not to say changes won't be made.

The rumour mill has been heavey on the Avalanche's very own John-Michael Liles as a trade candidate since the preseason. Could last night's defensive collapse help spell the end for the soon-to-be free agent? Well, that all depends on what a team would be willing to give up to get a struggling Liles out of Colorado.

If some folks had their way, it would be Liles for Kaberle straight up. Of course those people seem to forget that JFJ is no longer in charge of the Leafs so a ridiculous trade like that is not going to happen. I don't think Fletcher would part with Kaberle even if the Avs packaged him with a pick and some prospects. Who would the Leafs have left to play actual defence?

And strangely enough, the rest of the team has been pretty much left out of all the speculation. Names like Theodore, Svatos, Wolski and Clark have only come up in messages boards and fan sites as possible candidates. Actually, I don't know of any names besides Stastny who have not been brought up as people who "need to go"

But if you cast away all these players for picks and prospects, who's left to play for the team? Sure, the Avalanche have a decent farm team at the moment but it's certainly not overflowing with NHL ready players. And are any Avalanche fans actually ready for a full-on rebuild? The team hasn't been so terrible as to warrant a gutting and it would be insufferable to watch them tank the rest of the season ala the Oilers after trading Smyth.

But whatever may come on deadline day, don't forget the one truth of making these last minute trades: You always give up something you need to get something you want.


Anonymous said...

Forsberg has just been signed by US!! I think this is good, what do you guys think? Check the avs website its all there.

Mike at MHH said...

Foppa signing won't help get them into the playoffs. I think Forsberg gets $1 million to retire as an Av at the end of the regular season.

Le Can is full every night, and the owners can go to sleep on a bed of cash as they give Q an eight-year extension in the offseason.

I need a drink...

Shane Giroux said...

I'm shocked.