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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Avalanche Unveil New Jerseys

The long wait is over and the new jerseys are out just in time for training camp. Call me crazy...but I like them. As announced, they're simple and don't really stray from the original design. The striping isn't overdone, the front of the jersey doesn't feel cramped (see Canucks, Vancouver) and the foot patches have been retained. I love the yeti foot.

Thumbnail shots from the Avalanche.com Media Gallery section are below so you can see them in all their glory. Or all their gory. Whichever side of the liking it/hating it coin you fall on. I think the away jerseys are easier to like than the home jerseys.

Here is the Denver Post coverage. Thanks to Selanne for the link. (No, not that Selanne)

So how does this compare to the best concept jersey? Of all I've seen, a good chunk which are represented in the Picasa Web Concept Album, the one I preferred and hoped was closest to the real thing was this one:

So the yeti foot stays, but there is more piping than I would have hoped for. I can't say I won't be purchasing one though.

For a full list of officially released jerseys, visit the NHL Logo Picasa Web Gallery created by Chris from nhllogos.blogspot.com.

And while you're there, don't forget to vote for the Avalanche logo. Unless you prefer the oil slick. And nobody prefers oil slicks. Especially baby seals. So a vote for the Oilers logo is a vote against baby seals. Won't somebody think of the seal children!


Draft Dodger said...

I'm crushed, myself. I think they are just awful.

the ugly striping, the strange two-tone sleeves, and, worse of all, the loss of the cool stripes on the bottom of the jersey.

I'm shocked, really, that these are so awful. Very bummed.

Shane Giroux said...

I guess I'm too forgiving with things like this :)

They're busier than I would have liked. The striping isn't overdone, but I would have preferred it to have white separating the colors. That would have made a world of difference.

They may grow on people in time. Or I'll start to hate them too.

I'd like to see the away jerseys.

Mike Thompson said...

I'm with DD, the two-tone sleeves are odd. They need a stripe to break up the color change. I also don't like the hem being completely empty. The blue gussets don't fit well either, IMO. The first pics made it look like the colors had been tweaked, but after viewing the photos at the Denver Post, they seem to be consistant.

The piping isn't overdone, but I would have liked to see it on the sleeves to break up the color shift, like I mentioned above.

Chris said...

Thanks for the mention, Shane! I'm Chris from the NHL Tournament of Logos blog. My first reaction to these jerseys wasn't good (though I was fine with the new Canucks sweaters) but I think they are the kind that will grow on me. I liked the mountain range stripes along the arms. Anyway, nice blog you've got here and once again I appreciate the link!

Shane Giroux said...

Chris, thanks for the comment. Your site was a great idea. I heard you were on the radio in Van city.

I'm on board with the new jerseys. I have slight tweaks I'd like but oh well. The away ones are sweet.

Jibblescribbits said...

I agree with DD... I think they are a giant mistake.

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